are tym tractors any good

Are Tym Tractors Any Good?

TYM has earned the trust of thousands of farmers and gardening enthusiasts all over the globe with their well designed, affordable, and compact tractors. They have earned this higher position among all of their competitors because their tractors come with exciting and useful features such as sturdy engines capable of outputting up to 110 HP, slick design, great lifting capabilities, independent PTO system, and many more.

TYM corporation has been manufacturing tractors and other agricultural machinery in South Korea with over 40 years of experience. They acquired Branson Tractors in 2016 and have merged these two trusted brands together.

TYM provides 2-5 years of warranty on their mowers but with proper maintenance, care, and following the correct guidelines while repairing or replacing parts on the mowers, these vehicles can last a lifetime. 

TYM tractors are worthy of their prices as they provide some of the finest industry standard tractors that function well and provide good service to the customers.  

Who Makes Tym Tractors and Where Are They Made?

TYM tractors are made by the TYM corporation which is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. The company started their journey back in 1951 from Busan, South Korea. In 2020, they changed the name of their company from Tong Yang Moolsan to its abbreviated form- TYM. Over time, they have opened branches in more than 40 countries all over the world. They also currently operate the Kukje Machinery which produces the Branson Tractors.

Are Tym Tractors Any Good?

TYM tractors have proven themselves as a superior brand name among its peers because of their compact design, powerful engine, independent PTO system, hydrostatic transmission system, high maneuverability, compact size, durability, maximized lift capability, and many more useful features. All of these features work together to ensure the most comfortable, easy, and an overall enjoyable experience to the user.

These tractors are the perfect choices for covering all of the gardening and farming needs such as mowing grass, tilling the soil, sowing, dispersing seeds and fertilizers, and so on. The series 3, series 4, and series 5 tractors are also capable of functioning as construction tools and can help in the building projects. They can also be used to clear the snow from the roads in the winter.


TYM designs their tractors with keeping the user experience in mind. Series 1 tractors are fitted with a wide deck which helps to provide good visibility and ample legroom for the rider. It is also designed in a manner so that the user can easily locate the accelerator, brake pedal, differential lock, and parking brake.

The Series 2 tractors also feature an ergonomically designed cockpit which helps the user to find all of the controls easily and maneuver the vehicle comfortably.

The Series 3 tractors are designed to be compact and durable, enabling the user to operate the vehicle in any low ceiling area or in tight spaces.

The Series 4 tractors are fitted with a deluxe cabin providing climate control with A/C and heating for the user and clear glass panels for increased visibility. 

tym tractor design

Tier-4 Certified Engine

All of the tractors manufactured by TYM come fitted with a sturdy engine capable of outputting sufficient HorsePower to complete all of your gardening and farming tasks. 

Series 1 and Series 2 tractors are fitted with a high torque, water-cooled diesel engine which is capable of providing more torque with less. These engines also warm up faster and efficiently stabilize temperatures while the machine is operational. Series 1 tractors output from 21.5 HP to 24.7 HP and the series 2 tractors outputs from 24 HP to 48.3 HP. 

Series 3 tractors utilize a powerful Tier-4 certified 4 cylinder engine which boasts outputs comparable to bigger utility tractors. Tier-4 diesel engine standards follow the strictest emission requirements and emit the least amount of particulate matter (PM), or black soot, and nitrogen oxides making them the perfect choice as an eco-friendly tractor. Series 3 engines output 35 HP to 58 HP depending on the model. 

Series 4 tractors are powered by EU Stage V certified Deutz engines which provide high power and torque despite being at low RPMs. The T654 model has an engine power of 67 HP and the T754 model carries a 74 HP engine. These engines endow the tractor with balancing power and productivity with maximized maneuverability. 

Series 5 tractors are built with a 4-cylinder, Tier-4 Doosan diesel engine which provides the tractor with high power output and low-end torque. This engine ensures the highest level of performance with increased efficiency. The engines are especially built to be driven on rough terrain as they output 111 HP. 

Flexibility and Control

TYM tractors are also famous for their flexibility during operation and storing as they are designed to be compact without sacrificing the power output. 

Series 1 tractors have foldable Roll Over Protective Structure to allow the user to operate it in a low-ceiling area and then store it easily in small garages or sheds. 

Series 3 tractors feature an external lever to adjust the rear implements. Users can use the lever near the 3-point hitch to adjust the position of the implement when it is connected. 

Series 4 and series 5 tractors provide the operator with easy access to all the core functions of the tractor, including the PTO switch mechanism from the main console. Control panel is full of digital alerts and indications to give the operator easy and constant understandings of all the functions of the tractor.

Outstanding Lifting Capacity

TYM tractors are also renowned for their increased lifting capacity even on the smaller compact mowers. Series 1 models have lifting capacity ranging from 1100 lb to 1534 lb. Series 2 models can lift up to 3306 lb and the Series 3 models can lift up to 4409 lb. Series 4 vehicles have lifting capability of up to 5154 lb. And their largest models of the Series 5 can lift as much as 6860 lb.

This capacity to lift such massive weight makes these tractors the best choice to carry additional attachments like front-end loaders, 4-in-1 buckets, grabs, pallet forks, grader blades, and grass management tools to perform all of the farming and gardening activities.

tym tractor outstanding lifting capacity

Innovative Technologies

TYM tractors come fitted with cutting edge technologies such as the Tier-4 water-cooled diesel engines, hydrostatic transmissions, foldable ROPS, touch-to-open hoods, 3rd function hydraulic valves, 3-point hitches, 4-port rear hydraulic valves, shock absorbing axle configurations, and many more. These handy features work together to ensure easy maneuverability, enhance the longevity, and make the overall tractor a lifetime investment to cover all agricultural and farming tasks.

Hydrostatic or Synchro-Shift Transmission

Hydrostatic transmission systems on the TYM tractor ensures smooth operability of the vehicle by the user. Hydrostatic transmissions are submerged in oil which not only gives the smooth gear shifting capability but also protects the internal parts from rust, dust, or carbon accumulation. Syncro-shift transmissions allow the user to switch gears at any position without losing any power.

Dual Gear Pump Hydraulic Systems

Series 5 tractors are fitted with a durable dual pump hydraulics system which enables the tractors to lift and carry heavy loads and tow large extensions while absorbing any shock from unwanted jerking motions and helps to maintain overall stability. Dual action mechanisms work with hydraulic cylinders and pumps to make sure that the axle does not directly get damaged during operation on rough terrains with heavy loads.

Separate PTO System

PTO or Power Take-Off systems take power from the engine to operate the extensions while driving the vehicle. Independent PTO system allows the operator to control the extensions without interfering with the vehicle control as no clutch needs to be engaged or disengaged for controlling the extensions. This allows the rider to independently control the extensions without slowing down the vehicle.

High Build Quality

TYM builds their tractors to last a lifetime of operation with proper maintenance and care. Quality grade steel structure protects the machine from damages and rusting. Powder coat finish metal hoods keep the tractor from getting damaged because of accidents and misuses.


TYM provides warranty on their tractors which can range from 1 to 6 years depending on the model and the dealer. Bumper-to-bumper warranty coverage usually lasts 2 years for all the models and the accessories that users might buy with the tractor. Read the warranty cards carefully to check which parts are covered by the manufacturer and which parts are not covered.

tym tractor warranty

How Long Do Tym Tractors Last?

TYM tractors are built to last a lifetime of service with proper maintenance and care. 

Are Tym Tractors Worth Buying?

TYM tractors can definitely be a vital tool in your farming equipment collection if you choose to purchase them to cover all of your agricultural and some building tasks. The smaller models can be purchased for $14,000 to $20,000. The mid range tractors will cost you $22,000-$35,000. And the high end tractors can cost up to $49,000. Prices may vary from place to place.

What Is the Most Popular Tym Tractor

T224, T254, T264, 2400, 2515, 2610, 3015, T25, 3515C, 3515, T394, 3620, 4215, T394C, 4215C are some of the most popular tractor models among the users worldwide. 

What Attachments Do You Need for Tym Tractors

TYM offers numerous attachments that can be fitted with the tractors to cover all of your farming needs. The front-end loaders help to carry soil or other construction material, the mid-mount mower can trim grass in the lawn, the back-hoe can also be used to carry materials and dig soil. Select the right attachment for your designated task.

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