Are Hustler Mowers Good?

Are Hustler Mowers Good?

Hustler has become a leading brand in the lawn care industry through innovation and by providing quality products and services to all of their customers globally. Hustler zero turn mowers have proven themselves to be the industry standard by implementing useful features like SmoothTrak steering, integrated park brake, VX4 deck technology, and many more. 

Hustler also carries a strong legacy of over 60 years of manufacturing lawn care equipment on American soil. Zero turn mowers were first invented by the founder of Hustler, John Regier and manufactured by Excel Industries which makes these mowers to this very day. 

Durability, build quality, maneuverability, comfortable operation, superior design, and precision cuts have made Hustler mowers the top choice among consumers using it for personal or commercial purposes.  

Who Makes Hustler Mowers?

Hustler turf branded mowers are manufactured by Excel Industries headquartered in Hesston, Kansas. A Fortune 500 manufacturing company named Stanley Black & Decker bought Excel Industries in 2021. 

Where Are Hustler Mowers Made?

Hustler mowers are made in the factories of Excel Industries which are located in Hesston, Kansas in the United States of America. Assembly process is done in the United States of America but some parts are imported from other countries. Highly programmed robots and human workers weld and construct these mowers at the welding stations. 

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Hustler Mowers?

Advantages of Hustler Mowers

Zero turn mowers manufactured by Hustler come fitted with exciting features such as the SmoothTrak Steering System, VX4 Wide Decks, strong and capable engine, comfortable seats, foot controlled deck lift, and many more. 

Smooth Steering System

Hustler provides the cutting-edge technology of SmoothTrak Steering System which greatly enhances the operability and maneuverability of the mower especially in tight spaces or corners.  

VX4 Wide Deck

Hustler mowers are fitted with wide decks of up to 72 inches which house the double or triple blade mechanism along with the belt and pulleys that function them and the discharge chute. These wide decks are made from fabricated welded steels that not only support all the weight but also provide a long service life. The decks are specially designed to create vacuum pressure while running the blades to discharge the glass clippings more efficiently by keeping the deck clean of any grass or other debris.  

Hydrostatic Transmission

Hustler utilizes hydrostatic transmission systems in their machines to ensure that the vehicle responds quicker and absorbs all shocks during running the mower. All of the models feature cutting edge Hydro-Gear transmission systems which use hydraulic levers instead of regular mechanical gears. Transmission fluids also work to protect the gears from rusting and debris accumulation.  

Strong Engine

Hustler mowers are fitted with engines manufactured by trusted brands such as Kawaski, Briggs & Stratton, KOHLER, and Vanguard. These engines are capable of outputting greater power of up to 23 HP for the residential mowers and 40 HP for the commercial mowers enabling them to run up to 16 mph(mile per hour). These engines are not only capable of carrying the vehicle’s weight but they can also easily carry any attachments that you might want to fit to your mower.   

Precision Cuts 

Wide decks on the Hustler mowers house double or triple adjustable blades which ensure clean and even cut on the grass in your yard. Foot operated deck lift enables the user to easily adjust the height of the deck from the ground to select the desired height.  

Comfortable Operation 

Hustler manufactures their mowers giving top priority to the comfortability of the users during operating the vehicle. X-ONE models are fitted with a High-back seat with adjustable armrests and 3-inch suspension travel range. Other models also feature comfortable and adjustable seats fitted with suspensions to help absorb any shocks or jerks that the user might face while operating the vehicle. 

High Build Quality 

Hustler ensures a high quality build for all of their mowers which make them durable and last a long time. Hustler mowers come with welded fabricated steel decks that are not only strong enough to carry all the weight of the rider but also durable enough to sustain all the jerking motion caused by the rotating blades. The overall build quality of the body of the vehicle is superior to most other brands because Hustler uses high grade steel in the manufacturing of their mowers.

Automatic Parking Brake

Hustler mowers automatically engage the brake system when the control levers are pushed out which helps the user to quickly start and stop the mower. Users do not need to engage any clutching mechanism to engage the brakes and users can stop or start the mower just by pushing the control levers wide apart or pulling them close together.

Warranty Coverage

Hustler provides 2-3 years of warranty for their residential mowers and up to 5 years of warranty for their commercial grade mowers. Warranty varies from model to model and dealer to dealer so make sure you read the warranty paper thoroughly. Warranty covers all the major components such as the engine but it might not cover all the other parts. Warranty might also become void with certain repairs so keep that into consideration.

advantages of hustler mowers

Disadvantages of Hustler Mowers

Hustler mowers are amazing machines but they too come with some downsides


Pricing is one of the biggest downsides when it comes to purchasing a zero turn mower from Hustler. Pricing starts from $3000 for the smaller models and can go up to as much as $6500. The bigger models can cost you up to $19,000. The quality products manufactured by Hustler come with these hefty price tags that might be out of budget for many regular customers. 

Fuel Tank

Complaints about the fuel tank are common among the users of Hustler mowers. The main issue is that the fuel intake manifold and the neck is too low and some users have complained about the fuel coming up during operation if the fuel tank is full. 

Are Hustler Mowers Suitable for Large Lawns?

Yes, Hustler Mowers are absolutely suitable to trim grass on large lawns. Regular zero turn mower models such as the Raptor X, Raptor XD, and Raptor XDX models are fitted with 21-24 HorsePower engines and wide decks of up to 60 inches that are capable of trimming grass on any large lawn.  

are hustler mowers suitable for large lawns

Can I Use a Hustler Mower for Commercial Purposes?

Yes, Hustler Mowers are also a good choice for using it to clip and trim grass in larger lawns like sports fields or golf fields. Hustler mower models such as Fastrak, Fastrak SDX, X-ONE, Super Z, HyperDrive, TrimStar, Surfer Pro, Super S, Super SF, Super 104, and Diesel Z are some of the commercial grade zero turn mowers. These models have engines capable of outputting up to 40 HP and deck width up to 72 inches which make these machines the perfect choice for using for commercial purposes. 

Are Hustler Mowers Eco-Friendly?

Yes, Hustler meets and exceeds the U.S. government’s environmental standards for emission and pollution making them considerably the more eco-friendly option among all of its competitors. 

Are Hustler Mowers Worth the Cost?

Hustler mowers are absolutely worth the cost when it comes to providing the most comfortable and efficient operation of mowing grass on your residential or commercial lawns. With proper maintenance and care, these mowers can last a lifetime and Hustler provides at least 3 years of warranty covering all important components of the machine. 

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