How To Bypass Safety Switch On Kubota Tractor (Practical Tips)

As a means of protection, the Kubota tractor has safety switches that ensure the driver’s safety. But sometimes the switch needs to be bypassed due to some obvious reasons. 

Here comes the question ‘how to bypass the safety switch on Kubota tractor?’ For the PTO safety switch: switch off the engine, locate the switch, cut the connecting wire from the switch to the blade and wrap. For the seat safety switch: turn the switch downwards and secure it steadily with a zip trip to prevent it from triggering.   

Tampering with the safety switch can be dangerous. This article provides practical tips on how best to bypass the safety switch on Kubota tractors. 

Meaning Of Safety Switch

A safety switch is a device that is designed to prevent equipment from operating when certain conditions are not met or when certain protective devices are not in place. 

Safety switches are commonly found on tractors, lawnmowers, and other power equipment. They are meant to protect the operator from potential hazards such as accidental activation or contact with moving parts. 

Reasons For Bypassing a Safety Switch 

Some reasons why the Kubota tractor safety switch can be bypassed.

  • Starting issues or not starting at all: When your Kubota tractor fails to start, it’s an indication that one of the switches is responsible for that. 
  • Decrease in tractor efficiency:  Your tractor can abruptly go off in the middle of work. For example, if you jump on a bump, you can bounce from your seat triggering the seat safety switch. 

Types Of Safety Switch And Location 

Types of Kubota tractor safety switches, their functions, and the common locations for each:

1. Seat Safety Switch 

This switch is usually located underneath the seat of the tractor. It is designed to stop the engine if the operator leaves the seat while the tractor is in operation.

2. PTO (power take-off) Safety Switch

This switch is usually located near the operator’s seat or at the back of your engine. It is used to control the engagement and disengagement of the PTO shaft when there’s an emergency.

3. Hydraulic Safety Switch

This switch is located near the hydraulic control lever and is used to prevent the tractor from moving if the hydraulic control lever is not in the neutral position.

4. The Rocker Pedal Or Brake Interlock  Safety Switch

The brake interlock safety switch is typically located near the operator’s feet and is used to control the movement of the tractor. This switch is designed to stop the tractor if the operator’s foot is not on the pedal.

5. Neutral Safety Switch

It is usually mounted on the side of the transmission or the gearshift lever assembly. The switch helps to ensure that the engine can only be started when the transmission is in neutral or park. This helps to prevent the tractor from accidentally moving while starting the engine.

How To Bypass the Safety Switch On Kubota Tractor

Let’s go through the steps on how to bypass the seat and PTO safety switches. But before we delve into how to bypass these safety switches, you need the tools below. 

  • Electrical black tape
  • Gloves
  • Scissors 
  • Pliers
  • Zip strip

PTO Safety Switch Bypass

Practical steps to bypass the PTO safety switch 

  • Step 1: Switch Off The Engine: The first step is to turn your engine off and make sure you’re putting on your glove. 
  • Step 2: Find The Tractor’s PTO Switch: This is situated near the seat at the rear of your engine. Identify the PTO socket and the wire cable (purple cable) connecting it to the blades of your tractor. 
  • Step 3: Cut The Wire: Cut the wire connecting the switch to the blades with the pliers to disable every connection. Next, wrap each wire end with black tape to avoid contact with other connections. 

Seat Safety Switch Bypass

Incessantly turning on the seat safety switch can be very disheartening, especially in the middle of work. I know that feeling when your tractor suddenly goes off because you jumped a bump that threw you off your seat. And in turn, triggering the seat safety switch and your tractor going off abruptly. 

Below are some practical steps you can follow to bypass this switch and work without hitches carefully.

  • Step 1: Locate The Switch: First, lift your tractor’s seat; the seat safety switch is typically located underneath the tractor’s seat. It is white colored. 
  • Step 2: Secure It With A Zip Strip: The tractor’s seat rests on the switch, and presses it down when you sit down. It gets triggered when there’s a release, so to bypass it, you need to wrap the zip trip around it, push it down, and zip up the zip strip. That’s it. 

Place your seat back, and the tractor will assume that you’re sitting firmly on it. Note that this is not recommended because they’re basically for safety. Be careful. 

Safety Switches That Cannot Be Bypassed

The neutral safety switch, Interlock  Safety Switch and Hydraulic Safety Switches are not to be bypassed as it poses a great risk to do so. However, there are no guidelines for bypassing them. 

So, keep yourself away from bypassing them. If needed talk to the dealer or the manufacturer of Kubota Tractor for further assistance. 


By now, you’ve seen how to bypass some of the Kubota tractor safety switches. Note that these safety switches are installed in different locations on your tractor. Also, they can be bypassed when they pose a problem to the efficiency of the tractor. 

However, if you must bypass the safety switch on your Kubota tractor, it is best to consult the owner’s manual or contact a qualified Kubota technician to get it done properly. Bypassing any safety switch is not fully recommended because they’re basically for your safety.

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