Massey Ferguson 1705 Tractor Problems : A Comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide!

Massey Ferguson 1705 tractor is a heavy-duty machine making waves in the agricultural industry. However, like any other tractor, it is not immune to problems that can hamper its performance.

So, what are the common Massey Ferguson 1705 tractor problems? PTO faults, small heights and safety switch malfunctions are among the most common problems owners report. Additionally, the tractor has no front bumper, uncomfortable seat and hydraulic problems.

This article will delve deeper into each of these problems. We will provide practical solutions to keep your Massey Ferguson 1705 tractor running like new. 

An Overview of Massey Ferguson 1705 Tractor Problems

Here is a table illustrating the common problems and solutions:

Safety switch malfunctionsClean the seat switches regularly;
replace any malfunctioning switches
PTO faultsCheck hydraulic pressure and fluid levels;
inspect PTO clutch plates and shaft for damage and wear
Hydraulic problemsCheck hydraulic fluid levels and quality;
inspect hoses and connections for leaks or damage
Uncomfortable seatAdd a seat bead or cushion to improve comfort during operation
No front bumperAdd a front bumper to the tractor for added protection during operation
Small heightUse plastic ramps to increase the height of the tractor for easier dumping onto a truck or trailer

Massey Ferguson 1705 Problems and Solutions

Here is an in-depth explanation of the problems and their respective solutions:

1. Safety Switch Malfunctions

Safety switches are designed to prevent the tractor from starting or operating if certain conditions are not met. 

In the case of the seat switch, the tractor will not start if the seat is not occupied. It will also not start if the switch malfunctions even though you are seated.


  • Turn off the tractor and remove the key: It is essential to start with this step to ensure that the tractor is not accidentally started during the troubleshooting process. 
  • Locate the malfunctioning safety switch: It is typically located under the seat and can be accessed by removing the seat or seat cushion. 
  • Check for any debris buildup around the switch: Use a brush or compressed air to remove any debris clogging the switch. 
  • Check the connections to the switch: Check to ensure they are clean and tight. Use a socket wrench to tighten any loose connections. If the connections are corroded, use a wire brush to clean them. And replace those that cannot be cleaned.
  • Test the switch for proper operation: In the case of the seat switch, sit in the seat. Ensure that the tractor starts when the switch is turned. If the tractor does not start, the switch may need to be replaced.
  • Replace the switch if necessary: If the safety switch is malfunctioning and cannot be fixed, it may need to be replaced. Replacement switches can be purchased from a dealer or online. 

2. PTO Fault

The power take-off (PTO) on a Massey Ferguson 1705 tractor is responsible for powering implements such as mowers, plows, and tillers. Several issues can cause a PTO fault. They include damaged wiring, clutch, or a malfunctioning PTO switch. 


  • Check the PTO shaft for any damage or obstruction. 
  • Inspect the switch to ensure it is in the “on” position. 
  • Check the PTO clutch to ensure that it is properly engaged. If it is not, engage it and test the PTO again. 
  • Tighten any loose connections and repair any damaged wiring as needed.

If the PTO is not fixed, you must replace your clutch and switch. Use the following steps to replace the clutch:

Step 1: Locate the PTO clutch. It is typically located near the back of the tractor and can be accessed by removing a cover.

Step 2: Remove the bolts that secure the clutch to the shaft.

Step 3: Carefully slide the clutch off of the shaft.

Step 4: Install the new clutch onto the shaft, ensuring it is properly aligned.

Step 5: Replace the bolts that secure the clutch to the shaft.

Step 6: Replace the cover and test the PTO to ensure proper operation.

Follow these steps for switch replacement:

Step 1: Locate the PTO switch. It is typically located on the dashboard of the tractor.

Step 2: Carefully remove the switch from the dashboard, taking note of the wiring connections.

Step 3: Disconnect the wiring connections from the old switch.

Step 4: Connect the wiring connections to the new switch.

Step 5: Carefully install the new switch onto the dashboard.

Step 6: Test the PTO to ensure proper operation.

3. Hydraulic Problems

The hydraulic on this tractor is a complex system that uses fluids to transfer power from the engine to various components. It uses a pump that draws the fluid from the reservoir and pressurizes it. 

Then the pressurized fluid is sent through hoses and valves. This provides power to various components such as the loader, backhoe, and 3-point hitch. This complexity makes it prone to failure.


  • Monitor the fluid levels: Ensure that the fluid level in the reservoir is at the recommended level.
  • Clean or replace the hydraulic filters: Inspect the filters, clean them and replace them if necessary.
  • Check for leaks: Check all hoses, connections, and seals for leaks and repair them as necessary.
  • Fix the hydraulic pump: Inspect the pump for damage or wear and replace it if necessary.
  • Replace the relief valve: If the relief valve is stuck or malfunctioning, it can cause issues with the hydraulic system. Inspect the valve and replace it if necessary.

4. Uncomfortable Seat

The tractor’s seat can lead to fatigue and decreased productivity during long work hours. Its poor support will also lead to back pain and postural problems. 

And its improper adjustment can cause discomfort and limit the operator’s ability to control the tractor effectively.


  • Add a seat cushion: A seat cushion can provide additional comfort and support to the operator. 
  • Adjust the seat position: The seat of a Massey Ferguson 1705 tractor is adjustable. Adjust the seat position to ensure that it is in a comfortable and ergonomically correct position.
  • Use a seat bead: A seat bead is a beaded cushion that can provide additional support and ventilation to the operator. They are available in different sizes and styles to suit your needs.
  • Replace the seat: If your seat is worn out or damaged beyond repair, consider replacing it with a new one.

5. No Front Bumper

Without a bumper, the tractor is more susceptible to damage from front-end collisions, especially when working in rugged terrain. This can result in mud, stones and other debris flying toward the operator and staining their clothes.


Install an aftermarket bumper. There are a variety of bumper options available on the market. There are simple bolt-on models to more complex designs that integrate with other accessories, such as winches or brush guards.

6. Small Height

Another problem you will encounter is the relatively small height of the tractor. This can make it difficult to dump materials onto higher surfaces, such as the bed of a truck. The small height of the tractor is due in part to its compact design, which makes it easier to maneuver in tight spaces. 


You should use plastic ramps. And you can easily find plastic ramps in auto stores or online. They are lightweight and durable enough to hold the weight of your Massey Ferguson 1705 tractor. 

Watch this video for further knowledge on Massey Ferguson issues. 


While the Massey Ferguson 1705 tractor has proven to be a reliable piece of machinery, it has its share of issues. There are several Massey Ferguson 1705 problems that can be a hindrance to smooth operation, as seen above.

However, proper maintenance and troubleshooting can address and resolve these issues. You should address these problems proactively before they worsen, leading to more significant and costly repairs.

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