Kioti Ck3510 Problems

The 6 Kioti Ck3510 Problems – You Can Fix Yourself!

Over the years, Kioti has been developing incredible tractor models. All the models have low fuel consumption, high efficiency, and costs within the affordable range. But there are some issues with this model.

So, what are Kioti CK3510 problems? The common problems in the Kioti ck3510 are faulty engine, fuel problems, energy problems, and even the blade is dull sometimes. Now all the problems need a different solution for the fixation. Do not handle it unless you are sure of what the problem is.

That is because handling the tractor without any knowledge can not help at all. So, to get the basic solution for the tractor problem, go through the below article. Hope this would help you to fix it.

Kioti Ck3510 Complications With The Quick Solution

Before we jump into details, let’s take a short overview of the problems and their solutions.

Fuel consumption1. Change the fuel
2. Fill the fuel properly without leaving space for air
3. Add plenty of fuel ( do not overload) if the fuel freezes inside
Loose bolts1. Tighten them with the socket within 15 to 25 hours
2. Change the bolts if it’s damaged
Blades becoming dullSharpen the blades
Problematic engineChange the parts if possible
PTO fixing1. Take to the service center
2. Fix the voltage
External leak1. Tighten the hydraulic component
2. Fix the damaged parts

6 Most Common Kioti Ck3510 Problems And Their Solution

In this section, we’ll look into the problems and their solutions in detail!

1. Fuel Consumption in Kioti

Less fuel consumption can lead to power loss in the tractor. Well, sometimes, you might find the tractor working slowly or needing more power to start. Even though it starts, it struggles to do a run.

  • It can happen due to the low amount of consumption of fuel in the tractor.
  • Also, it can happen when the fuel is not filled properly.
  • Or air bubbles are occurring inside the fuel lines. This would act as an obstruction to the fuel supply.
  • Well, foul fuel can also lead to a similar problem. As foul fuel can get accumulated inside and damage the lines.
  • Apart from that, cold weather can also freeze the fuel in the line. Consequently, the fuel flow would be disrupted and cause power loss.


  1. Before starting, always check the fuel.
  2. Fill it in if the fuel is not enough.
  3. Change the fuel in the schedule so that no foul fuel can get trapped inside the fuel line. And clean it as fast as possible.
  4. In addition to that, check if any air bubble is present in the line or not. To solve this, you can either use a vacuum pump or let the all fuel leave the line.
  5. Lastly, when the temperature is too low, you can not prevent the fuel from freezing. Instead, put a hefty amount of fuel if possible, and let the frozen fuel come to normal. Do not think of putting hot fuel, as it would only cause damage to the line.


Check out this YouTube video to learn more about tractor fuel efficiency

2. Loose Bolts

If you are doing a service to your tractor but not tightening the bolts, it can reduce efficiency. Kioti ck3510 problems of the bolt are quite common as with time, it gets loosened and causes noise problems.

Especially the loader mounting bolt becomes loosened, which mainly connects the loader to the frame. Also, the other bolts can get loosen and decrease the work efficiency to 50%.

Apart from that, damaged or rusty bolts can result in a leak. Now, the breakdown and leak of the tractor would lead to the worst condition.


  1. Tighten the bolts with the help of a suitable socket.
  2. Use a socket of a suitable size.
  3. Check the bolts after at least 15 hours and after running every time.
  4. Change the bolts if required. Moreover, ensuring proper torque can increase the efficiency of the tractor.
  5. However, going around with preparation before work is always preferable.

3. Bladder Becoming Dull

Dull blades are of no use. Blades are meant to become dull, depending on how often you use them. Moreover, if you use the dull blade frequently, it can rather damage the field. And you might not be able to do your work completely. You can not lag behind when everyone else is going forward.


There is no other solution than sharpening the dull blades. Do not delay. Better if you sharpen them before use. This would increase efficiency and lead the work.

4. Problematic Engine

Engine problems can result in slowing down the vehicle as well as slowing down work efficiency. A problematic engine can occur due to damaged parts.

You can hardly handle them if you do not have knowledge about the parts. Better to go for a simple solution if possible. Otherwise, consult the service center.


  • The simplest solution is changing or replacing the damaged parts. Sometimes, accumulated dirt can cause problems as well.
  • In that case, clean them properly without damaging them further.
  • In the worst case, changing must be required.

5. PTO Fixing

PTO switch is present in all types of tractors. Well, it has the basic work of transmitting energy to the equipment and helping them function. So, you would not be able to handle the equipment or tools without a proper PTO. What is the use if you can not handle the tools?


To fix the PTO problem, you can hardly do anything. Just inspect it or take it to the service center. Sometimes the PTO would not be able to work if the energy is not enough. Well, it means electrical energy. Fixing the voltage of the battery would be able to help in some cases.

6. External Leak

Mainly, external hydraulic leaks can result in tractor issues. But it hardly happens when the tractor is not made of good elements. Sometimes, overheating can also influence the leak. And the hydraulic system generally uses liquid and generates power, and supplies it to the engine.

So, if the leak occurs, the function of the engine would be questioned.


Well, the external leak should be handled as soon as possible. But it would be tough for you to inspect the system alone. After inspection, you can work according to the problem.

If the components are misfitted, you would need to tighten them. But do not handle them without precautions. As the leak itself is enough to burn skin.

Bottom Line

Overall, Kioti ck3510 problems- fixing some problems can be easier but for others, you need to call the service center. Though most cases are solvable by yourself, if can not handle it, do not temper the tractor.

Instead, go to the service center when required and do not hesitate. Kioti is not only known for being the best in affordability, but also in its service. Even if you are late, fix the problems before it becomes a burden. After all, a tractor does not come at a low cost.

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