Honda Harmony 1011 Problems

5 Common Honda Harmony 1011 Problems: How to Fix Them?

For mowing your lawn, hardly you’ll find a better lawn mower than the Honda harmony 1011. But, like other vehicles, this brings many issues as you continue to use it. Some of them are just minor; the rest are crucial and is less in number.

Now, what are the Honda harmony 1011 problems? You might face engine-related issues, which are typical for every vehicle. Moreover, transmission problems stay along with the engine. The belt tears out after a long-time usage, which might lead to further rumbling noises. Don’t keep stale fuel for a long time; it will bring you more problems.

These are crucial problems but can be restrained and solved if you are concerned and careful enough. So, keep on reading. And we’ll make you through this article.

An Overview Of Honda Harmony 1011 Issues

Critical problems could arise in your Honda harmony as you use it for a long time. And the problem doesn’t stay for a short time; it spreads the symptoms and affects the other parts.

Below is a list of common Honda Harmony 1011 problems and their immediate solution. You’ll know more about them as you proceed further in the article.

Making Rumbling NoiseChange the spark plug
Transmission ProblemIncrease the transmission fluid
Worn Out Blade BeltReplace the existing belt
Engine Problem1. Fix loose wires (if any)
2. Check the carburetor
Fuel Issues1. Change the existing fuel
2. Clean the fuel tank

Honda Harmony 1011 Problems- Knowing and Fixing

To restrain the Honda Harmony 1011 from problems, you need to know about them. Otherwise, you won’t get what the issue is and from where it is coming.

We’ve planned the section accordingly with proper details and solutions to the problems.

1. Making Rumbling Noise

Before Honda harmony 1011 completely goes off, it makes a pre-signal of it. Whether you are using or want to start it, the mower will make a weird sound and then go on to stop completely. And that happens when the machine gets completely blank, and you need to fix it.

Sometimes, you might see smoke coming out from the engine. And no way you can run the mower under that state. Better you fix the issue by yourself or take it to the mechanics.


There can be two specific reasons for it. Either you have a broken connecting rod, or you need to fix the spark plug.

For the broken con rod, you just have to pull it apart. Then, inspect the engine and see what went wrong inside. Take effective measures for any wire mismanagement, broken parts, or issues.

And for the spark plug, you have to put a slight pressure down the plug hole to make the thing work accordingly. As soon as you feel the piston rising and dropping smoothly, crank the engine at that very moment. Hopefully, the issue will be resolved.

2. Transmission Problem

Transmission getting blown up is a serious issue, and you will no longer be able to mow your lawn correctly. A defective transmission will restrict you from mowing longer grass usually.

If the transmission is bad, your lawn mower will suddenly stop as soon as it enters a high-pressure region. As the vehicle tends to exert pressure, the transmission keeps on backfiring, thus blowing out.


Check the transmission fluid level without wondering because the transmission oil regulates the transmission activity. Any kind of leakage of the oil will cause a problem.

Also, if the fluid level comes down, fill it up. Then, raise the rear off guard behind the transmission and let some air go in. You’ll find a lever; move it back and forth for about ten minutes. Your transmission will be ready to serve as usual.

3. Worn Out Blade Belt

Running the lawn mower again and again, the friction surely damaged the vehicle’s drive belt. And that is where it gets worn out and requires change.

No matter how carefully you use the vehicle, you must change the belt at one stage. Even if it doesn’t tear out, you have to change it because the vehicle’s overall efficiency lies in the fitness of the belt.

The better the belt is, the more smoothly the transmission can uphold its role.


The first thing is to locate the existing drive belt between the deck and the rear axle. You have to remove it carefully by disconnecting it from the pulley.

Then, loosen the belt slowly, don’t pull it out at first glance. Take out the rear cover and unscrew the other associating parts. It’ll pave you towards the belt and enable you to get it out quickly.

As the belt comes to your hand, remove it and install the new one in the reversing process.

4. Engine Not Starting

Be it a lawnmower or any other vehicle; engine problem is one of the most common issues. And the important thing is it doesn’t occur for a single reason only. There could be many issues causing the problem here.

If you haven’t used the vehicle for a while, there could be chances your engine becomes a seized engine. Again, the wirings in the engine getting disconnected could be another possible reason your lawn mower’s engine is not starting.

Most importantly, if your engine has chokes, you won’t get any kind of start. So, no running of the engine. All the possibilities of spark and ignition in your engine become closed then.

Aside from these, there might be broken components in the engine that prevent the engine from start.


  • You have to make sure that your engine is not frozen in the first place. Even if it is, then you have to heat it. For that, try to start the engine multiple times. The more attempt you make, the more heat it generates.
  • Check if the wires are corrected to their position. You might find it loosened out. Connect them by yourself.
  • And for the choke issue, you need to look over the carburetor.  Any kind of jamming or clogging of the carburetor might be causing that. If the spark plug is at fault, you must change it.
  • Replace other broken components if diagnosed

5. Fuel Issues

Don’t ignore the fuel issue in causing trouble to your Honda harmony 1011. This can be a vital issue that restricts the mower from starting.

The liquid starts to oxidize when you keep the fuel inside for a long time without using the vehicle. And that later causes clogging to the fuel pipe, carburetor, etc.

The longer it remains, the more toxic it becomes. And ultimately, you’ll have to spend a buck to fix and clean the clogging professionals. Sometimes, you might need to change parts even.


Don’t leave fuel in your lawn mower if you aren’t using the vehicle. It brings nothing but winter rust to the engine.

If you are facing the issue already, drain the existing fuel from the vehicle, clean the fuel tank, and fill it up with clean fuel. Remember, the problem won’t be solved if you try or succeed in starting the vehicle with the existing rotten fuel. It might run, but it won’t for a long time.

Final Words

No need to go to the mechanics for every minor issue with your lawn mower. You can deal with them alone, and here we got your back. And when the matter is about Honda Harmony 1011 problems, you already know how to solve them.

Just be extra careful with the engine and wiring stuff. They are crucial and can be decisive at times. But all on top, ensure your safety. If you aren’t comfortable, there is no need to deal with it. Send it to the mechanics, and they’ll look at it.

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