are branson tractors any good

Are Branson Tractors Any Good?

Branson is a trusted name among the farmers and gardeners globally for consistently providing the customers with quality tractors at affordable prices. The Kukje company manufactures these tractors in Korea for Branson to ship them all around the world. 

These tractors make the perfect choice for farming and gardening applications as they are fitted with powerful 24 HP-74 HP engines, hydrostatic steering, synchronized transmission system, independent PTO, and many more well designed, capable, and durable components. 

Prices of Branson tractors range from $14,000 to $50,000 and they offer a variety of 12 different models to choose from. They also offer a wide range of factory supplied optional attachments such as front-end loaders, 4-in-1 buckets, grabs, pallet forks, grader blades, and grass management tools to cover all sorts of farming and gardening activities. Because of their high-end build quality and 6 years of warranty, Branson has become a reliable name all over the globe.    

Who Makes Branson Tractors and Where Are They Made?

Branson tractors are made by a Korean agricultural and gardening tools manufacturing company called Kukje Machinery. With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing agricultural machinery, Kukje started the Branson Tractors brand in the USA in 2009.  

Are Branson Tractors Any Good?

Branson Tractors are an excellent choice for all of your agricultural purposes as these high quality tractors come fitted with exciting features such as a compact and powerful engine capable of outputting power up to 74 HP, a durable powder coated steel frame, wide deck, hydrostatic transmission system, independent PTO, and many more. 

More Lifting Capacity and Power

Branson Tractors are fitted with high quality four cylinder diesel engines manufactured by Cummins. The 25 series, 05 series, the 00 series, the F series, and the K series tractors are respectively fitted with engines capable of outputting 45HP-58HP, 18HP-25HP, 21HP-30HP, 35HP-48HP, and 74 HP.

Such great horsepower also means that the tractors are capable of carrying a great amount of weight. F series and K series models are capable of lifting more than 1500 kg enabling them to be attached to almost all sorts of optional attachments like front-end loaders, 4-in-1 buckets, grabs, pallet forks, grader blades, and grass management tools.

These compact yet powerful engines capable of outputting such a level of power and carrying such great weight are the perfect choice when it comes to covering all of your gardening activities such as plowing, sowing, harvesting, or mowing.

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Hydrostatic Steering

Hydrostatic steering systems use hydraulic mechanisms and use power from the engine to help and steer the wheels. Hydrostatic steering systems are better than regular steering systems because they require less effort, they rotate smoother, and they make the overall usage of the steering mechanism a lot more comfortable for the user. 

Branson utilizes these hydrostatic steering mechanisms in all of their tractors to make sure that the users get the best experience while driving their vehicles for all of their gardening and farming needs.

Synchronized Transmission

Synchronized transmission systems function to match the speed with the next gear that will be engaged ensuring a smooth and crunch free shifting of the gear stick. Synchronized transmission not only helps the user with smooth gear transitions but it also helps to make the overall function of the vehicle comfortable for the users as they are able to control the vehicle in a better way. 

Branson manufactured tractors are equipped with a synchronized transmission system which makes it a superior machine to most of its competitors on the market. 

Wet Disc Brakes

Wet disk brake systems are operated, lubricated, and cooled using oil. The brake discs remain submerged in oil which helps it to remain clean and require less maintenance and care from the user. The discs on this system remain operational for a longer period of time because this oil protects it from dirt, water, or carbon build-ups and other forms of damages. It also protects the brake discs from excessive wear and tear because of friction as oil reduces friction significantly. Damages to the brake discs also occur due to excessive heating which is also decreased significantly by the oil. The oil also provides sufficient lubrication to help the brake system engage more efficiently. 

Branson tractors come fitted with wet disc brake systems instead of the regular one drum brake system installed in most of the tractors manufactured by other tractor manufacturing brands. 

Flat Deck

Flat decks on a mower helps the user to fit various types of accessories necessary to perform different gardening and farming tasks. Flat wide decks help the user to fit these accessories easily and control them in a superior way. The wide flat deck that comes fitted with Branson tractors can fit disc harrows, box blades, tillers, hay spear, rotary mower, finish mower, seed and fertilizer spreader, landscape rake, rake grapple, log splitter, post hole digger, pallet fork, wood chipper, backhoe and many other accessories to cover all of the users farming, gardening, and other agricultural tasks. 

The wide flat deck of the Branson tractors can also be easily fitted with mowing accessories to perform all of the mowing activities as well. For such versatile usage of the wide deck on these tractors, they have proven themselves superior to many other tractors designed by other manufacturers. 

Independent PTO

The various types of attachments that are used with the tractors for the purpose of mowing, sowing, tilling the soil, dispersing fertilizers, spraying, and so on are powered by an independent PTO system. PTO or Power Take-Off systems use the power provided by the tractor’s engine and transfers it to the attachment to perform the necessary task. 

Independent PTO systems are different from regular PTO systems because the regular ones transfer power with the help of the clutch system. User needs to engage the clutch and then switch on the PTO to transfer power to the attachments while the independent PTO does this with a switch.  

This enables the user to control the accessories separately from the tractors controls. Since the clutch does not need to be engaged or disengaged to control the rear mounted accessories, users can turn the attachments on and off at any position. This not only endows the users with more comfortable operation while riding the tractor but it also enables them to control the overall functions of the mower in a more superior fashion. 

Powder-Coated Paneling

Instead of using liquid paints on the steel frames of the tractor, Branson uses high grade powder to coat all the panels of their tractors. This prevents dirt, dust, and other junks from sticking to the tractor’s body and causing rusting. 

The powder-coated paneling of the Branson tractors make it a front runner among all the other competitors as the anti-rust protection enhances the overall longevity of the vehicle.  

Backup Light

Backup lights on the Branson tractors are a fantastic feature if the user is required to drive it on regular roads and through traffic. The backup lights automatically turn on while shifting the gears to reverse to notify people behind this machine. This enhances the overall safety of the tractor.  

Deluxe Adjustable Seat

Branson offers a quality and comfortable seat fitted with soft coverings and suspension springs running underneath. This enables the user to sit comfortably without facing excessive jerking motions while riding the tractor even on uneven grounds. 

Bonnet Design

Branson also fits a semi-auto, pop-up bonnet on all of their tractors which help the user to easily open it and access the internal parts of the tractors like the engine and the wirings for quick fixes and adjustments. The F series tractors are fitted with an innovative bonnet design that helps the engine to emit the exhaust smoke in a more efficient way. 


Branson offers up to 7 year limited powertrain warranty on their tractors. The regular warranty period is 4 years but with a nominal fee of $1000, this warranty can be extended up to 7 years. The warranty covers the engine, the transmission system, the transaxle, and all the major components of the tractor. Warranty will not cover the battery, electrical wirings, filters, and other small components. 

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How Long Do Branson Tractors Last?

Branson tractors can last more than 10 years with proper maintenance and care. 

How Much Do Branson Tractors Cost?

Branson tractors cost from $14,000-$50,000 depending on the model. The 00 series starts from $14,000, the 05 series starts from $18,000, the 25 series starts from $20,000, the F series starts from $22,000, and the K series starts from $32,000. The prices will vary with the place and the dealer.  

Are Branson Tractors Reliable?

Because of their superior build quality and exquisite design, the Branson tractors are quite reliable when it comes to handling all of the farming and gardening activities. 

What Are the Popular Branson Tractors Series?

The 05 series, the 25 series, the 00 series, the F series, and the K series are some of the most popular serieses of the Branson brands.

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