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New Holland 2120 Problems – 5 Causes And Possible Solutions

The New Holland 2120 was built mainly for use in different agricultural and industrial operations like land care landscaping, and subsistence agriculture. This tractor is likely to face some problems while using it; just like other machines.

So what are the most occurring problems with the New Holland 2120 tractors? PTO problems, problems with the transmission, 3-point hitch problems, hydraulic system problems, etc. Also, you may notice some dysfunction in the power steering system.

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the New Holland 2120  most occurring problems and their solutions.

Before going in-depth discussion of the problem with their solutions, look at the below table. This table shows the common problem list with their quick solutions.

PTO problems1. Replace the alternator.
2. Use the recommended alternator for your unit.
3. Adjust the PTO clutch properly.
Transmission problems1. Adjust or change the PTO clutch.
2. Replace damaged gears and shift forks.
3. Renew transmission oil.
Hydraulic system problem1. Set hydraulic tension accurately.
2. Change hydraulic oil.
3. Examine pump action; replace it if required.
3-point hitch problems1. Inspect and renew hydraulic fluid.
2. Warm the hydraulic fluid and attach or change the suction wire.
Power steering system problems.1. Fasten the steering hose and wire joinings.
2. Inspect the steering pump and replace it if required.
3. Repair or change the cylinder.

The New Holland 2120 Problems – A Guide to Fix!

Some of the most occurring problems with the New Holland 2120 include;

1. PTO Problems

Power take-off (PTO) is equipment that transmits a motor’s mechanical energy to another piece of device. It enables the hosting power source to transfer energy to other devices without their engine.

However, the PTO can encounter some problems that can stall its operations. These problems can come in form of issues with the alternator to issues with the PTO clutch.

Causes Of PTO Problems

Some New Holland PTO problems might be caused by:

  • A damaged alternator.
  • A low voltage situation.
  • A not-well-adjusted PTO clutch.

How To Fix The PTO Problems?

This is how you can fix the PTO problems of your New Holland 2120:

  • Replace the alternator.
  • Use a genuine and recommended alternator for your unit.
  • Adjust the PTO clutch properly.

2. Transmission Problems

The transmission is responsible for transmitting power from the engine to the wheels or tracks of the machinery, allowing it to move forward or backward at different speeds.

The transmission can also change gears to provide more torque or speed depending on the task at hand. Further, it helps in transmitting power to the PTO (power take-off) and other attachments such as a front-end loader.

However, the transmission can develop some problems that can halt it’s efficiency. For example; low transmission tension, noisy transmission, surface fluid leaks, and difficulty changing gears.

Causes Of Transmission Problems

Some of the causes of New Holland transmission problems include;

  • Poor fluid level.
  • Blocked fluid filter.
  • Damaged bearings.
  • Polluted transmission oil.
  • Damaged gears and shift forks.
  • incorrect clutch adjustment.

How To Fix Transmission Problems in Holland 2120 Tractor?

To fix your transmission problems; this is what to do:

  • Replenish the transmission quarters with fluid.
  • Replace or tidy the fluid filter.
  • Replace damaged bearings.
  • Renew transmission oil.
  • Replace damaged gears and shift forks.
  • Adjust or change the PTO clutch.

3. Hydraulic System Problems

The hydraulic system uses hydraulic fluid to transmit power to various components of the machinery, such as cylinders, motors, and valves. The system performs various functions, including lifting and lowering equipment, tilting or rotating attachments, and steering the machinery.

But it can fail to execute these tasks if problems arise, like overheating, low hydraulic fluid tension,  hydraulic cylinder problems.

Causes Of Hydraulic System Problems

Causes of hydraulic system problems include;

  • Inaccurate hydraulic tension.
  • Pipe leaks.
  • Messy hydraulic oil.
  • Defective or wrongly regulated relief valve.
  • Bad hydraulic pump.
  • Damaged cylinder parts.

How To Fix Hydraulic System Problems?

  • Set hydraulic tension accurately.
  • Replace hydraulic oil.
  • Examine pump action and replace it if required.
  • Regulate or replace the relief valve.
  • Locate leaks in the system and repair them.
  • Examine cylinder parts for damage and change them if needed.

4. 3-Point Hitch Problems

A 3-point hitch is a system found on the New Holland 2120 tractors that is used to attach and control various implements or attachments. This includes plows, cultivators, mowers, and other tools. The 3-point hitch provides a way for the implement to be attached to the tractor.

This allows the operator to control the implement’s height and angle, which is important for proper use and effectiveness. However, it can begin to malfunction, for instance, the hitch lifting gradually or won’t lift at all to the hitch lowering gradually or won’t lower at all.

Causes Of New Holland 2120 3-Point Hitch Problems

Some causes of 3-point hitch issues are;

  • Inadequate fluid status
  • Frigid hydraulic fluid
  • Damaged or detached suction wire.
  • Bad mechanical components of the hitch
  • Broken hitch rock shaft

How To Solve 3-Point Hitch Problems?

Here’s how you can solve the 3-point hitch problems.

  • Inspect and renew hydraulic fluid
  • Warm the hydraulic fluid
  • Attach or change the suction wire
  • Renew bad mechanical hitch parts
  • Replace the shaft

5. Power Steering Problems

The power steering system is designed to assist the operator in steering the tractor. This is done by using hydraulic pressure to reduce the effort required to turn the steering wheel.

The power steering system uses a hydraulic pump driven by the engine to supply pressurized hydraulic fluid to the gearbox which then assists in turning the front wheels. Some power steering issues include; problems with the power steering cylinder, leakages, steering pump issues, etc.

Causes Of New Holland 2120 Power Steering Problems

  • Damaged steering pump
  • Oil leakage in the steering system
  • Defective cylinder
  • Blocked air filter
  • Low engine oil level
  • Air supply in the steering system
  • Inappropriate tire pressure

Solutions To Power Steering System Problems

  • Fasten the steering hose and wire joinings.
  • Inspect the steering pump and replace it if required.
  • Repair or change the cylinder.
  • Tidy air filter.
  • Refill engine oil.
  • Ooze air from the system.
  • Swell the tires properly.

Final Words

Hopefully, by now we believe we have shared with you the New Holland 2120 most common problems, their causes, and solutions. While the New Holland 2120 tractor’s performance is very efficient and powerful, when faulty, can impair its efficiency greatly. It is important to care for, supervise, and service the machine regularly.

In addition to that, if you’re encountering any of these problems with your tractor, it is suggested that you consult a tractor repair expert or a dealership. They’ll help you in deducing and fixing the problem.

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