Kubota BX2200 Problems

06 Kubota BX2200 Problems: Know The Causes And Solutions

Instead of being a powerful and excellent machine, the owners of the Kubota bx2200 might have to encounter a few issues. Therefore, before buying this tractor, you should clearly know about those possible problems.

So, what are the Kubota BX2200 problems? The common problems include the inability to start and stop the engine, running roughly, and gear shifting difficulty. Besides, you might also experience steering issues and problems like inconsistent grass-cutting performance.

It will be more effective for you if you know how to fix these issues. And for your convenience, we are going to discuss these problems, their reasons, and solutions explicitly in this article. So, keep reading till the end!

In a Hurry? Check This Quick Fix for BX2200 tractor

Before we jump into details, let’s take a quick glance at the different problems and their solutions in the table below.

Rough running of Engine1. Check the fuel; if dirty, change it.
2. Also, check and repair or replace the faulty spark plug and drive belt
Engine not stoppingTurn off Manually
Problems while shifting the gearClean all the cables to enable easy movement
The tractor won’t start1. Use the suggested fuel and change the deteriorated fuel.
2. Also, check for faulty thermostats, batteries, and distributor caps to fix them
Blade refuses to cut grass or cuts inconsistentlyReplace the blades
Steering problemEnsure that the steering fuel is at its adequate level and fix the leaking pipes

6 Common Kubota BX2200 Problems and Solutions

In this section, we’ll look into the Kubota BX2200 problems and their solutions in detail.

1. Rough Running Of Engine

Rough Running of the Engine is one of the common problems in all Kubota BX2200. In this case, the tractor will run unevenly and sometimes will stall all of a sudden.

Mainly the engine smoothness primarily depends on the fuel. If the fuel is dirty or any other debris is mixed with it, the problem will arise.

Also, if the oil supply isn’t sufficient, the engine of your tractor will face this rough-running issue. Sometimes, if the drive belt wears out or tears, it will cause rough running and even can cause sudden stalling of the engine.


  • Check the fuel condition first if you feel the engine running roughly. Always use clean and debris-free fuel to avoid this issue
  • Regularly check the drive belt to see if there is any damage to it
  • Periodically check the spark plugs and repair or replace them with new ones if needed

2. Engine Not Stopping

Engine not stopping is the most severe and dangerous problem of Kubota BX2200. And the main reason behind this issue is usually the solenoid.

Generally, the engine shuts off by shutting off fuel. The role of the solenoid is to turn off the fuel flow by getting a signal from computer regulation. And the problem arises when it doesn’t get the signal. As a result, it can’t turn off the engine, and it keeps running.


  • There are several solutions to this problem. Hence, when you face this problem while driving, you can manually stop the engine
  • Look for the stop engine or stop solenoid button near the injection pump and press it
  • If normal pressing doesn’t work, you need to stroke it out to kill the engine

3. Problems During Shifting Gear

It is not a common issue, but also you can’t throw it away. When this problem arises, you will face difficulty in shifting the gear initially. Eventually, it will be impossible for you to shift the gear. When the transmission oil pump gets weak due to long-term use, this problem starts to arise.

Sometimes, the debris gets stuck between the control knob and the linkage, which causes this shifting issue. Besides, anything stopping the detaching of cables from the gear shifter pins is also responsible for this problem.


  • Repair the shift fork or replace it if needed
  • Check the shifting mechanism if there is any trouble with it. If you find any issues, fix those quickly
  • Inspect the quality and level of transmission fluid. Change or add transmission fluid if needed
  • Ensure the movement of cables is smooth
  • If anything blocks the free movement of cables, ensure the clearance

4. The Tractor Won’t Start

Almost every Kubota BX 2200 tractor users face this issue, especially the old ones. You won’t be able to start the engine because the battery will refuse to work. It may be caused by either the lack of acid level of the battery or any problems with the wiring that connects to the battery.

Sometimes bubbles are trapped inside the line of fuel, which interrupts the fuel flow. Insufficient fuel flow causes the tractor not to start.  Also, a faulty thermostat and worn out or broken drive belt may cause this issue with starting.

To understand this problem better, check this Youtube Video.


  • Check all the battery connections and make sure that the connections are tight and stable enough
  • Ensure the sufficient acid level of the battery. If the level is low, refill the battery with more acid
  • Repair the thermostat or replace it in severe cases
  • Check the distributor or spark plugs, and If you find any wear, repair or replace it
  • Ensure the security of the distributor cap

5. Steering Problem

The steering problem is not only common in BX2200 but also in other categories of automobiles. Insufficient fluid in the reservoir unit is the primary reason.

Sometimes when foreign materials come inside, they might block the wheel movement all of a sudden. Moreover, If any breakage in the brake lines, steering problems will occur.


  • Check the level of steering fluid
  • Ensure an adequate amount of fluid by refilling more fluid if needed
  • Check all the bent parts to detect foreign materials. If you find any foreign materials, take steps to clean those immediately
  • It is possible not to find the exact reason behind the problem. In this case, please consult a professional auto mechanic or repair shop.

6. Inconsistent Cuts Of Grass

Kubota BX2200 suddenly shows inconsistent cuts of grass. Sometimes, the blade will refuse to cut grass, too. Mostly, you will be familiar with this problem if you have an old tractor or buy an old one.

Mainly the sharpness of the blade is the primary factor here. With time, the blade will lose its sharpness as well as the capability of cutting the grass properly. Another reason for inconsistent cuts is the improper height set-up of the blades.


follow the following steps to fix the blades’ sharpness issue.

  • Step 1: First, you have to ensure the sharpness of the blades. In this case, you can sharpen the blades externally
  • Step 2: Appropriately set the blade to cut one inch of grass above the ground. Avoid cutting more than 2-inch height grass
  • Step 3: If there is any problem with teeth, the replacement of blades will solve all the cutting problems


In this article, we tried to hold up all the most common Kubota BX2200 problems that users may experience. Problems like the difficulty of starting and stopping, rough running, shifting, and steering issues are easily solvable.

If you can’t fix these issues by following our steps, you can also ask for a mechanic’s help. Although this tractor goes through a few issues like any other machine, it gives excellent performance. But as you know now the reasons and solutions to those issues, you can avoid or fix them quickly.

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