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5 Kohler Hydraulic Lifter Problems – A Complete Guide

Kohler has been developing and fixing their hydraulic lifter over time. Problems can still arise with less severity.

So what are the Kohler hydraulic lifter problems? The common problem with them is making noise, being damaged, misfiring, and lifters not moving at all. To solve the noise problems, Kohler has been modifying their hydraulic lifters every now and then. However, you can fix them yourself as well.

By the way, here we will discuss the common problems of Kohler hydraulic lifters. Also, I will give suggestions on the most efficient way of the solution so that you can make quick decisions.

Let’s take a look at a table of problems that can be encountered while dealing with Kohler hydraulic lifters. Additionally, how to solve them.

Making noiseChange the lifter
Use good engine oil
Ensure enough oil supply to the lifter
Lifter does not moveReplace it
MisfiringChange the lifter if it causes the problem
Becoming stickyChange the oil
Make valve adjustments
Clean the lifter
Lifter wearing and tearingFix the position of the lifter
Clean the lifter
Ensure proper oil pressure
Correct the other associated parts with the lifter such as camshaft, pushrod, valves, rocker arms, valve cap
Replace the Kohler hydraulic lifter

05 Kohler Hydraulic Lifter Problems – A Complete Guide with Proper Solution Methods

Let’s dig into the more detailed discussion of the issues of Kohler hydraulic lifter with causes and solutions.

1. Making Noise

The common problem encountered with Kohler hydraulic lifter is its noise. It increases over time and becomes more annoying. This is also a sign of a fault in the engine. Well, when the spring inside the lifter doesn’t work properly, the noise occurs.

Lifters can also make different types of noise depending on the problem, such as ticking, clapping, knocking, and more.

The Fix

Lubrication is important, and you must ensure you use the recommended oil for it. In a good lifter, you would always be able to see oil inside it. It keeps the parts lubricated and helps the other parts to cooperate.

However, fixing these lifters can be difficult. Hence, replacing them is the easiest solution. Nevertheless, it can get expensive. Yet, without replacing it, other engine problems might occur.

Here’s a video that will help you fix that if you don’t want to replace it;

2. Lifter Does Not Move

Lifters would often get stuck and not move at all. When you try to push the lifter with the push rod, it will not go through it. It’s because of the rigid spring inside it. The stubborn spring would stand still and make the lifter totally unable to function.

The Fix

The hydraulic lifter spring not being compressed is a sign of a bad lifter. You can not fix it by making a few changes. Instead, change the lifter. It is the only solution to fix the problem.

3. Lifter Causing Misfiring

When the valve clearance deviates, it causes wear and tear to lifter and also misfiring. Bad lifters can lead to an abruption in the power supply to the engine. As a result, the engine can misfire, which is initiated by the lifter, and overtime, it increases. Lifters generally control the zero clearance valve.

The Fix

Valve clearance should be adjusted if possible. For the intake valve the gap should be 0.080 inch. While for the exhaust valve, it should be 0.1 inch.

On the other hand, damaged lifters must be changed as well.  In addition to that, tighten the wire connections in the engine to avoid further problems.

4. Becoming Sticky

The lack of oil, and old oil can make the lifter sticky. When the oil pressure is not moderate inside it, its function gets obstructed. Even the intake and exhaust valve adjustments should be made correctly.

Moreover, the gap between the valve stem and the rocker’s arm should be maintained according to the manual instruction.

If the gap deviates from the ideal gap, the lifter can also become sticky. It is because of the loose connection caused by the improper clearance.

This can result in lowering the efficiency of the engine.

The Fix

  • Though the lifter itself makes the valve adjustments, you should still check the proper placement of them.
  • Also, change the oil with a good one to ensure proper lubrication, followed by monitoring the oil pressure in the lifter. If possible, clean it as well.

5. Lifter Wearing And Tearing

When the lifter is new, not placing it properly can cause damage to it. The same goes for the old ones.

However, wear and tear in the lifter is mainly caused by the parts which are associated with it. When the surrounding parts, such as the push rod and arms, malfunction, they can initiate damage to the lifters.

Moreover, overspeeding can also be a possible cause.

The Fix

  • Always place the lifter in the right position. And monitor it so that it does not move away from the place. There is a possibility that if the pushrod and rocker arms are damaged, the lifter will get affected as well.
  • That’s why fixing them can automatically reduce the wear and tear caused by the lifter. For that, the arms and pushrods should also be maintained and checked. Replace them when they are not in the proper condition anymore.
  • Apart from that, ensure proper oil pressure in the lifter.
  • Cleaning the lifter can also solve the problem. You should put some oil in and it would work like a dissolver. As a result, the dirt can be cleaned without causing harm to it.

If the problem is getting out of hand, you would need to replace the lifter and maintain the above steps with the new one.

Bottom Line

Overall, Kohler hydraulic lifter problems mainly need one solution. That is changing the lifter itself. Also, no matter what hydraulic lifter you use, facing the noise problem is quite obvious. Yet, there is no permanent solution to it.

Even continuous monitoring of the lifter would not work if it goes bad. Moreover, taking care of the engine parts which are near the lifter is a must. Otherwise, one small problem in the associated lifter parts can lead to bigger consequences.

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