6 John Deere 855 Problems And How To Solve Them!

John Deere has always been the number one choice for people who needs a tractor. Yet, the best ones also come with flaws, which is what we are here for. We will be acknowledging those problems and an easy fix for each of them.

So what are the John Deere 855 problems? The most common issues are unexpected engine shutdowns, overheated engines, loud engines, and the battery not charging. Additionally, you may also come across transmission oil leaks and a boiling hydraulic system. 

Nevertheless, solving them isn’t that difficult of a job either. By going through this article with us, you will be able to solve them easily. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Table: Problems of John deere 855 And Quick Solutions

Before going in-depth, let’s take a look at a table. This will give you a rough idea in the least time possible.

Unexpected Engine ShutdownsChange the fuel filter
Overheated EnginesAdd engine oil and replace fan belt
Loud EngineKeep the engine running for a few minutes before taking it for a spin
Battery isn’t ChargingTighten the connections with the components connected to the battery
Transmission Oil LeaksClean the oil return line and replace damaged gaskets and seals
Boiling Hydraulic SystemUse manufacturer recommend hydraulic fluid

John Deere 855 Problems And In-depth Solutions

Now it’s time for us to dive in deep with the problems. First, we will look at the details of the problems so that you can identify them easily. Right on the next section, we will provide a solution that should omit the problem.

1. Unexpected Engine Shutdowns

The shortage of fuel in the engine is the most frequent cause of your tractor starting and dying after a few minutes. Thus, to keep the engine going, there is no fuel pressure.

The Fix

One of the primary reasons for this problem may be that you haven’t changed the fuel filter for a very long time. Thus, the filter has filtrated enough and is now blocked. You may clean the filter and give it a try. If it still doesn’t work, then change.

Another common reason is a worn-out injection pump. Unfortunately, these fuel injection pumps aren’t easily repairable; thus, it’s best to get a new one.

2. Overheated Engines

A jammed radiator is a sign that the engine coolant is out of date, tainted, and no longer has any lubricating or anti-corrosive capabilities. The end consequence may be damage to the engine’s water pump, which causes the coolant to circulate improperly. As a result, an overheated engine is seen.

The Fix

The first solution you can try is adding engine oil. This might occur if the engine oil level is deficient. On the other hand, there’s also a chance of a shabby fan belt that just needs a replacement. 

Here’s a video of how you can know if the fan belt is shabby or not;

This video is for a car yet applicable to your John Deere 855.

3. Loud Engine

Certainly, engines are intended to be noisy, but not to the point of being objectionable. However, insufficient quantities of coolant will cause the radiator to become full of air. And the air pockets in the cooling system will generate a bubbling or growling sound.

Also, leaks from faulty hoses or a broken water pump gasket occur regularly and must be examined periodically to prevent engine damage and loud engine occurrence. 

The Fix

At first, try keeping the engine running for a few minutes before taking it for a spin. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to attempt alternative approaches like leveling the connecting rods, changing the pistons, and tweaking the fuel injection pump.

4. Battery isn’t Charging

You expect your John Deere 855 to start charging right away after plugging it in. Yet, this certainly isn’t the case sometimes. This problem is self-explanatory and a no-brainer to understand that your 855 isn’t charging. So let’s hop into the solution.

The Fix

There are two possibilities here. The problem might be the battery itself or something is wrong with the connection. To fix this problem, first, try tightening the connections with the components connected to the battery. On the other hand, change any cables that you see worn out. 

If the problem still isn’t fixed, you have no option but to replace the battery. Even though it’s comparatively an expensive fix, you have no other alternatives.

5. Transmission Oil Leaks

The transmission fluid’s main function is to effectively lubricate and safeguard transmission parts. So, the transmission performance as a whole may be greatly impacted by low transmission fluid levels or a leak. Long-term disregard could result in critical damage to those components.

The Fix

The oil pressure will build up in the bearing housing as a result of a kink, bend, twist, or partial obstruction in the oil return line. This will lead to leaks from both the turbine and compressor ends. Therefore, the initial step is to clean the oil return line and make sure it’s clean as brand new.

Similarly, there’s also a chance that the gaskets and seals covering the transmission have been compromised. You need to replace them if you find them spoiled.

6. Boiling Hydraulic System

Hydraulic fluid can degrade due to excessive system heat, which results in thinner fluid, decreased viscosity, and additional damage. It can result in catastrophic component failure. Yet the solution is quite simple.

The Fix

You are using the wrong hydraulic fluid in this case. Choosing the right fluid is quite important in these types of scenarios. It’s best if you use recommended fluids such as Hy-Gard by the manufacturer.


The problems with any electrical machine are endless. Yet, these were the John Deere 855 most occurring problems. It’s recommended that you make sure there isn’t any clogged debris on the engine compartments. They will only lead to problems such as a loud engine and unexpected shutdowns.

On the other hand, lubrication and keeping the gaskets and seals damaged-free is equally important. Lastly, always use the fluid recommended by the manufacturer to keep things running smoothly.

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