John Deere 5105m Problems

04 Ultimate Solution for John Deere 5105m Problems

Since its launch in 2001, John Deere 5105 tractors have been among the popular choices for utility tractors. However, like most heavy-duty utility tractors, these green and yellow coloured tractors have several recurring issues.

So, what are the John Deere 5105m problems? The tractor not starting or taking time to start and the engine stalling are some of the common issues. Also, the PTO is known to have issues, and sometimes it fails to work midway.

The problems on the John Deere 5105m can be frustrating as they cause the tractor not to work. Read on to learn more about the issues and ways to fix them and get your tractor working as it should.

The following table highlights some common problems with John Deere 5105m and their solutions.

Engine not starting1. Replace the battery
2. Change the thermistor sensor
Engine stalling1. Replace the fuel filter
2. Bleed fuel tank
3. Replace fuel injectors
PTO engaging issues1. Replace the PTO
2. Replace the wiring and the Solenoid.
Transmission problemsEnsure the clutch pedal is getting fully depressed when changing gears.

John Deere 5105m Problems – Solutions in Detail

Let’s have a look at the detailed discussion of the problems and solutions.

1. Tractor Not Starting

This problem is among the frequent ones on the JD 5105m. The users reported that the problem appears occasionally, and sometimes the tractor starts after several attempts.

Most of the time the battery is low on power, causing the starting issues. Again, a faulty thermostat housing temperature sensor may cause a shot and blow the ignition switch, causing the issue. A faulty spark plug and fuel system are more reasons why you may encounter the problem.


  • The quickest solution includes changing the battery, which should be done after testing and confirming it is the cause. Open the front hood and disconnect the battery starting with the negative cable first. When reconnecting the new battery, start by connecting the positive cable.
  • If the thermostat sensor is causing the ignition switch to blow, get a mechanic to replace it. A professional should replace the sensor since you may break other parts, like a thermostat, when replacing. Sometimes a Re-prime in the fuel system solves the problem.

The part number for a compatible ignition switch is RE45963, and it costs between $30 and $55 to buy. The JD 5105m thermostat sensor costs between $30 and $45 to buy and replace.

2. Engine Stalling

Engine stalling is another frequently reported problem that can be frustrating as it halts all operations. According to user reports, the issue happens a quarter to half an hour while working.

One of the common causes is a clogged fuel filter interfering with the quality and quantity of the fuel to the engine. A faulty injector may also be a reason, causing the engine not to have the ideal fuel amount. However, the air in the fuel tank or dirt in the fuel system may cause this problem.


  • Check and replace the air fuel filter if it’s dirty and clogged. The filter is on the side of the tractor’s front hood. Open the hood and then the sides. Before unscrewing the filter ensure you put a basin directly below where the oil will pour to.
  • Also, following the manual, under the bleeding fuel system, bleed air out of the fuel tank and fuel system.

The injector should be diagnosed and replaced by a professional mechanic. And it costs somewhere between $50 and $95 to buy and replace it.

3. PTO Engaging Issues

The PTO, Power take-off, provides power to attachments on the tractor. It’s known to have problems starting and sometimes loses power when running.

These problems are most times with the PTO switch itself or the PTO solenoid that provides it with power. The wire work might be faulty, causing a shot or loss of power.


Test the PTO switch with a digital multimeter. If it has a problem, replace it by pulling out the old one from its port. Press the new switch’s sides and push it the same way the old switch was seated. A PTO switch compatible with JD 5105M can cost between $30 and $50.

4. Transmission Problems

Another reported problem in the John Deere 5105M is the transmission shifting hard, especially in reverse gear. Most of the time the problem is caused by the clutch pedal not being fully depressed.

However, a worn-out clutch pack may also be responsible for the problem. One of the reasons the clutch pack develops problems is when exposed to heavy work


Ensure the clutch pedal is getting fully depressed when changing gears. Replacing the clutch pack is a time-consuming task and is best left to professionals. Also, a lot of things can go wrong when replacing the clutch pack, leading to more costly damages.

The cost of a new clutch that fits John Deere is between $700 and $1000. However, since the replacement is time-consuming, expect to pay between $400 and $600 in labour costs.

Idea from JD 5105 Users: If you face JD 5105 hydraulic problems, they would suggest you to do a pressure test and flow test. You can follow this tips on other JD tractors.

Final Words

Some of these problems are easy to fix by following the instructions in the user manual. But, you may need some experience to perform some solutions, like breeding the air out of the system. However, it’s still doable by following tutorial videos.

Sometimes, however, you may require professional aid from a mechanic, like when checking and replacing the fuel injector. You can expect to pay between $50 and $200 to diagnose and fix most of this and other common problems on a jd 5105m.

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