How To Release Parking Brake On John Deere Tractor

Releasing a parking brake on a John Deere tractor is easier than you think. But this parking brake may not release due to multiple reasons sometimes. And it can lead to you facing big disasters when you are already in trouble and can’t release the parking brake.

So, how to release the parking brake on John Deere tractors? Well, it depends on the kind of parking brake your vehicle has. You may have to simply release the parking brake by pressing the brake pedal, pulling the lever, or pressing the park button

Further, I will discuss how to release the parking brake on a John Deere tractor, where is your parking release brake located, why is your parking brake on John deere not releasing, and many more about it. Read till the end to learn more.

How To Release Parking Brake On John Deere Tractor 

Releasing the parking brake on the John Deere tractor will take 3 simple ways. Follow the steps below to apply the brake.

1. Pedal type

Pedal type parking brake is a system located on the floor. It allows you to release the parking brake by pressing the pedal through the foot.

  • Step 1: Press the brake pedal
  • Step 2: Shift the lever downward to unlock it
  • Step 3: The Parking brake will be released

2. Lever type

The lever type parking brake is located in the middle of the two seats. It allows you to release the parking brake by pulling the lever.

  • Step 1: Pull the lever
  • Step 2: Shift the gear to the park button
  • Step 3: Release the pedal

3. Button type

The button type parking brake is an electronic system where you need to simply press the button by pushing it to release the parking brake.

  • Step 1: Press the parking button
  • Step 2: Shift the gear to park
  • Step 3: Release the pedal

Why Is My Parking Brake On John Deere Not Releasing?

Here are some possible reasons why your John Deere parking brake is not releasing. 

Cold Atmosphere

Cold weather can cause the parking brake to get frozen. The ice surrounds the parking brake and makes it stuck. That’s why you should never keep your tractor exposed to cold weather.


Abrasion and corrosion can be significant reasons behind a stuck parking brake. The corroded cable gets jammed because of the corrosion. If there is any dust or corrosion in the cable, the parking brake won’t release


Water can also make the parking brake stuck. When the parking brake is exposed to the water, the water makes its way to the system. This can make the parking brake snap sometimes.

Pushing the lever too Hard

When you try to engage the lever and push it too hard, it will sometimes make the parking brake stuck. Hence, remember not to push it way too hard.

You can follow the following video on how to release a stuck parking brake on John Deere tractor – 

What To Do If The Parking Brake Is Stuck?

If your John Deere tractor’s parking brake got stuck to corrosion, water, dirt, or cold weather, you could take some steps to fix the problem. Here they are –

  • Step 1: Apply and release the brake several times: You can apply the brakes and release them many times and see if the parking brake gets free. In most cases, this releases the parking brake.
  • Step 2: Release it manually: Releasing the parking brake manually means you have to pull the cables manually by getting below the vehicle. It can help you to release the parking brake.
  • Step 3: Take the vehicle backward and forwards: Another way that can help to release a parking brake is by taking the vehicle backward and forwards by shifting gears. It can significantly get rid of some corrosion. Meanwhile, you will find the parking brake released.

Other Troubleshooting Ways 

Sometimes, the problem could be internal, and it would need replacing or adjusting the components to fix the issue. Check the table below. It represents some internal issues along with possible solutions.

Problems Solutions
Broken brake cableChange the cable
Incorrect brake leverAdjust the brake lever
Brake pads are worn outReplace the pads


Releasing the parking brake in John Deere tractors is pretty straightforward. Engaging and releasing the parking brake are simultaneously important. However, this article discussed releasing the parking brakes on John Deere tractors. By the way, if you are a first-timer with a new John Deere lawn mower tractor or other tractors, you can take help from an experienced person around you. 

At the same time, If you discover that the parking brake on your tractor is stuck, find out the reason and fix the issue respectively. If the entire process seems complex to fix the issue, take professional help. 

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