Walkthrough the Gehl 7810 Problems and Potential Solutions!

Many users complained about some common issues associated with Gehl 7810. And identifying and fixing these problems early can keep your machine running smoothly.

So, what are Gehl 7810 problems? Well, according to users, the problems mostly indicate stalling and power loss. To resolve this problem, you may need to have your fuel pump and air filter checked and cleaned.

Don’t be stressed out, we got you here! We will dive into the fixes to all these Gehl problems. Additionally, preventative measures will be shared too. So, to have your skid steer loader problems identified fast, keep your eyes on here!

Gehl 7810 Problems and Solutions

First, let’s have a quick look at the potential problems and solutions.

Stalling ProblemsCheck fuel pump
Clean air filter
Power LossCheck fluid levels
Fuel Restriction ProblemCut off a small portion of the fuel line

Please keep this in mind these are some common assumptions. Some other problems can be there that you may be discovered. Act according to the situation if you found out any other problems.

Problem 1: Stalling Problems

One of the most frustrating Gehl 7810 problems is stalling. This can be caused by a variety of issues. The list may include a clogged air filter or a bad fuel pump.


In such a situation, you may take these actions

  • Inspect and clean the air filter: The air filter may become clogged over time, which can lead to stalling. Remove the air filter, clean it, and check if it needs to be replaced.
  • Check the fuel pump: A faulty fuel pump can also cause stalling. Check the fuel pump for any damage or signs of wear and replace it if necessary.

Contact a technician if you aren’t sure how to perform these actions.

Problem 2: Power Loss

Another common problem that can occur with the Gehl 7810 is power loss. This can be caused by a variety of issues, including clogged fuel filters or a malfunctioning fuel pump. Additionally, low hydraulic fluid levels can also cause this issue. 


You may follow these activities to resolve the issue:

  • Check the fuel filter for any clogs or signs of damage. If it is dirty, clean it or replace it.
  • Examine the gasoline pump for evidence of damage or wear. Replace it with a new one if it is defective.
  • Check hydraulic fluid levels and ensure that the hydraulic fluid levels are at the appropriate level. If the levels are low, top up the fluid.

If the issue remains, your vehicle might need to have checked.

Problem 3: Fuel Restriction problem

Another common issue that Gehl 7810 and 7610 models face is fuel restriction due to a kinked fuel line inside the tank. Mud and debris collection between the fuel tank bottom and the machine might cause it.

This can affect the skid steer loader’s performance, causing it to shut down often and require repeated repriming. Additionally, it might require costly repair.


If you’re encountering fuel restriction problems with your Gehl 7810, don’t panic. You can follow these processes to fix the issue and keep your machine running smoothly:

  • Inspect the fuel line carefully to detect any kinks or damage that could restrict fuel flow.
  • Consider cutting off a small portion of the fuel line if it has kinks or bends that are impeding fuel flow.
  • Check if your model has an updated fuel line that has a bend at the bottom, which can help prevent kinks. If it is available, replace the old fuel line with the new one.
  • Remove any mud or debris that may have accumulated between the bottom of the fuel tank and the machine. It can cause the plastic tank to bulge and kink the fuel line.

Lastly, please be aware that your Gehl 7810 can have some other problems as well. Except for these problems, if you face any other problem, It is recommended to talk with an expert.

Preventative Measures 

There are some preventative measures for the Gehl 7810. Following these might help you prevent further damage to your machine and can keep it smoother.

  • Perform regular maintenance on air filters and inspections to ensure the machine is running smoothly and prevent common problems from occurring.
  • Watch out for warning signs such as unusual noises, reduced performance, or leaks to identify problems early and minimize downtime.
  • Keep records of maintenance and repairs to track the machine’s performance 
  • Identify patterns that may indicate underlying issues.
  • Clean and replace filters and fluids as needed to prevent buildup and ensure proper operation of the machine.
  • Store the machine in a dry and secure location to prevent damage from the elements or theft.
  • Use quality replacement parts when repairing the machine to ensure proper fit and function.

By following these measures you may get help and prevent incoming problems.


So, the problems of Gehl 7810 are now a bit known to you. Stalling, power loss, and fuel restriction are some of the common problems that may occur. Regular maintenance and inspections can help prevent these problems from occurring. 

Besides, when it comes to oil and other fluids, it is always advisable to stick to the user handbook and the system’s recommendations. Loose fittings or leaking can also cause issues and should be examined on a regular basis.

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