Cub Cadet 7254 Problems – 6 Common Issues and Easy Fixes!

The Cub Cadet 7254 is a compact utility tractor manufactured in 2003. Designed to run on a two-cylinder Kawasaki FD750 engine, the tractor offers plenty of power for its size and price. But it has some common issues to be aware of. 

So what are the most common Cub Cadet 7254 problems? Surprisingly, these tractors are prone to many problems, including the gears popping out. Besides, the tractor’s shear pins are inclined to shearing off. Other issues include the engine failing to start and not running smoothly, a bad PTO switch, and weak transmission.

But what causes these problems, and how do you fix them? Stay right here to find out this and much more. 

Common Problems With The Cub Cadet 7254 Table

Before we discuss the Cub Cadet 7254 issues in detail, please take a quick look at them in this table.

Common ProblemsSolutions
Rear Gear Popping OutInstall stiffer springs in the detent
Engine Not StartingReplace the ignition coils
Change the spark plugs
Clean or replace the carburetor
Motor Running RoughClean or change the entire carburetor
Adjust and tighten the ignition coils
Bad Power Take-off (PTO) SwitchInspect and replace the battery and charging system if damaged
Clean the PTO clutch wires and ground cables if corroded or retighten them if loose
Replace the entire PTO
Shear Pins Shearing OffReplace the shear pins
Transmission IssuesReplace the swashplate

What Are Cub Cadet 7254 Problems

The Cub Cadet 7254 is a solid compact utility tractor with great features, including an electric clutch. However, it is susceptible to a variety of problems that include:

1. Popping Out of Gear

Sometimes, the Cub Cadet 7254 may pop out of gear under load while still new. This problem may remain even after the dealer has readjusted the detent. In most cases, only the reverse gear keeps popping out. However, the issue does not occur under average load.


Generally, the common cause of this problem is a detent malfunction. The tractor has detent balls that hold its gear and are prone to wear. According to Cub Cadet, installing stiffer or heavier springs in the detent is the best solution.

Tip: Inspect the detent ball and the spring regularly for premature wear.

2. Engine Not Starting

Besides the problem with the gear popping out, you may also encounter starting issues with the Cub Cadet 7254. Generally, the engine starts up, but after running for around two hours, it shuts down.

In other words, the engine does not get any spark once it gets hot. However, after cooling off, it starts again. Conversely, when you turn it over the first time, it may take longer to engage.

Sadly, this issue may persist even after replacing various parts, including the plunger switch, air filters, and battery.


  • First, you may need to replace the ignition coils, which could be faulty due to engine heat or bad spark plugs. Watch this video to understand how to replace the coils:
  • If replacing the coils do not fix the problem, inspect the spark plug for any signs of damage. Then, replace the plug.
  • Sometimes, a clogged carburetor may be responsible for this problem. In this case, you simply clean the carb with a carburetor cleaner. But if cleaning is not practical, you must replace the entire carburetor.  

Tip: To prevent engine problems, regularly check the spark plugs, change the oil, and clean the air filter.

3. Motor Runs Rough

The Cub Cadet 7254 engine may not run smoothly once warmed up. This is unless you pull out the choke all the way.

When this happens, you may hear a high-pitched whine sound from the hydrostatic transmission. In addition, you may spot gas coming out via the carburetor vent.

Unfortunately, this problem will persist even after replacing the air filter and spark plugs.


A dirty carburetor can cause your tractor’s motor to run rough. So, it would be best to start cleaning out the carb to remove the carbon deposits. But you could rebuild or replace the carburetor if significant damage occurs.

Alternatively, check the ignition coils. If loose, readjust and tighten them to ensure the spark plugs are getting adequate power.

Tip: Change the fuel filter regularly to protect the carburetor from clogging up with dirt frequently. 

4. PTO Switch Problems

Your tractor’s PTO or Power Take-off switch may choke the engine out when you flip it. Sometimes, the PTO may keep running even after shutting it off unless you turn off the tractor.

Unfortunately, replacing the PTO switch may not fix the problem. Also, the issue may persist even when the wires on the back of the switch are in good condition.


  • Start by inspecting the battery and charging system for any defects. If damaged, replace these components.
  • Next, check the ground cables and wires attached to the PTO clutch to see if they are loose or corroded. If loose, tighten them. But if the wires are corroded, simply clean them using baking soda. 
  • Lastly, you may have to replace the PTO as it could be bad. 

Tip: Adjusting the power take-off clutch alone may help fix most PTO switch problems.

5. Shear Pins Shearing Off

With the Cub Cadet 7254 compact tractor, the drive to the mower deck shear pin is prone to shearing off frequently. This mainly occurs when driving sidehill.

Sometimes, the shear pin will pull apart wholly, throwing the driveshaft off the mower deck. Even worse, it may happen when everything is hooked up correctly. 


  • Start by checking each idler and spindle to ensure they turn freely. If they don’t, you will need to replace the shear pin. 
  • Sometimes, the pin may be broken, requiring a replacement.

Tip: To prevent the shear pin from breaking, always inspect the area you plan to mow and clear any hard and visible objects.

6. Transmission Issues

The hydrostatic pedal of your Cub Cadet 7254 may not allow the tractor to go to neutral. And when you apply the brakes, the transmission shifts into forward gear. The only way to stop this problem is to adjust the gears manually.

But worse is that adjusting the linkage under the tractor does not help fix the problem. This is perhaps because the issue is internal to the transmission.


Generally, this problem occurs due to the swashplate not going to neutral. So, you will have to replace the plate. 

Tip: Preventing the hydraulic fluid from getting contaminated may help prolong the life of your tractor’s swashplate. 

Final Words

Despite being a good tractor for the price, the Cub Cadet 7254 has many problems. Most of these issues are either related to the engine or the transmission. Sometimes, the engine of your Cub Cadet may run rough or fail to start.

Other Cub Cadet 7254 problems include a faulty PTO switch, the shear pins shearing off, and the rear gear jumping out. Luckily, each of these problems has a solution. And the best part is that you can quickly fix most of these issues at minimal or no cost. 

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