Bobcat CT230 Problems

6 Common Bobcat CT230 Problems and Their Solutions

Bobcat CT230 is a compact tractor with 30 HP and a lift capacity of 1,508 lbs. The model seems to be very reliable, but it has a few shortcomings. Some problems are prevalent with the CT230, and owners tend to get confused when these problems occur.

So, what are the common Bobcat CT230 problems? The following are the most common Bobcat CT230 problems.

  • Cracked or broken hydraulic hose
  • Faulty fuel pump
  • Parking brake issues
  • Clogged drain filters
  • Worn main bearing
  • Faulty charge pump

We will discuss why these problems occur in Bobcat CT230 and how to solve the problems in the shortest possible time. Let’s get started.

Here is a glimpse of the actions you should take when these problems occur.

1. Cracked or broken hydraulic hoseReplace the hose and metal bands
2. Faulty fuel pumpReplace the fuel pump
3. Parking brake issuesCheck the spring alignment and replace if necessary
4. Clogged drain filtersReplace the drain filter
5. Worn main bearingCheck the oil level in the bearing hub and replace if necessary
6. Faulty charge pumpReplace the charge pump

Bobcat CT230 Problems: Causes and Solutions

Now let’s discuss the in-depth solutions to the common issues according to the table above.

1. Cracked or Broken Hydraulic Hoses

The hydraulic hoses are responsible for circulating hydraulic fluid throughout the system to move the lifting arm. Hydraulic hoses are usually very durable, so they don’t seem to fail. But they are attached with metal bands that can rust over long periods.

It can happen more often if you park the bobcat in damp environments. The metal band becomes brittle due to rust and corrosion. When the pressure is high inside the system, the hose will get ruptured.


  • If the metal band is faulty, you can simply use new bands to attach the hoses
  • But if the hose is brittle and cracked, you should change all the hoses immediately. Otherwise, hydraulic fluid will continue to leak

Pro Tip

  • It is better to park your bobcat in dry environments

2. Faulty Fuel Pump

A fuel pump is a crucial component of your Bobcat CT230. It pumps fuel to the engine to help it produce constant power. If the fuel pump goes wrong, the engine won’t get enough fuel supply.

As a result, you will notice a performance drop. Starting problems or stalling will also occur when the fuel pump is bad.


Replacing the fuel pump can be quite a task. So, we have a step-by-step process here. Follow this to replace the faulty fuel pump on your Bobcat CT230.

Step 1: Turn the tractor off and open the hood

Step 2: Two fuel lines come out of the pump. You need to disconnect these lines

Step 3: Then, pull the fuel lines away and drain any residual fuel

Step 4: Take a socket wrench and loosen the bolts that hold the bracket onto the fuel pump

Step 5: Remove the bracket and loosen other bolts at the bottom of the pump

Step 6: You can now take the fuel pump out and install a new pump

Pro Tip

  • Put a bowl underneath to catch the residual fuel

3. Parking Brake Issues

The parking brake in your Bobcat CT230 has a spring mechanism. Ratchet gears are attached to the wheels. The spring-loaded system locks the ratchet when the parking brake is engaged. Both systems should be perfectly aligned to engage the parking brake.

But any of the systems can be misaligned over time. In such cases, the parking brake won’t be properly engaged even if you press the brake pedal.


  • You must check the alignment of both systems if the parking brake isn’t properly engaged
  • If the alignment isn’t right, try fixing the alignment by removing the components and installing them again

Pro Tip

  • Regularly check if the alignment is correct to avoid parking brake issues

4. Clogged Drain Filters

Hydraulic fluid moves through several filters before draining. If the filters are clogged, the fluid won’t drain properly, and the pressure inside the system will rise. This can damage various components of the hydraulic system.

Debris accumulated over time clogs the drain filters. And here is the only solution you can implement.


  • Check the drain filter. If it has a dark appearance, it is time to change the filter
  • Remove the old drain filter and replace it with a new one

Pro Tip

  • Don’t clean and reuse drain filters

5. Worn Main Bearing

Main bearings and rod bearings keep different rotating parts moving smoothly. And they need oil to rotate with less friction. When the oil level gets too low, the friction increases. And the increased friction causes the bearings to wear faster.

If the main bearing is worn, the tractor won’t deliver the same performance as before. Another common problem is the accumulation of metal particulate in the oil.


  • Replacing the main bearing is the only solution. You should call for an expert mechanic who can replace the bearing

Pro Tip

  • Check the oil level in the bearing hub during routine maintenance

6. Faulty Charge Pump

Charge pumps in hydraulic systems are responsible for feeding the HST loop with high-pressure fluid. But the system has tight tolerances. In some cases, the charge pump might not work properly or be broken.

Though the system doesn’t directly impact the engine, it will affect the tractor’s performance.

  • You should hire an expert mechanic to check the charge pump. If the pump is faulty or broken, it should be replaced

Check the following video to learn more about charge pump replacement.

Pro Tip

  • Maintain these components regularly to avoid repairs or replacements

Final Words

Bobcat tractors are highly capable and durable. Still, some models might have a few issues happening when the tractor is old. The same is true for Bobcat CT230 compact tractor. If the tractor isn’t maintained properly, a few problems can happen over time.

We provided a list of common Bobcat CT230 problems with their solutions. If you see the symptoms mentioned above, you can easily diagnose the problem and take the necessary action to solve the problem.

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