4 Most Common Troy Bilt Pony Transmission Problems And Their Fixes

Troy Bilt has always been on the top list when it comes to users selecting a lawn mower. Yet, after getting this amazing beast, they come across different problems. Out of all, transmission problems are certainly the most annoying ones.

So what are the most common Troy Bilt Pony transmission problems? Gear slipping out of place, rigid gear altering, tires not moving, and decreased performance from the engine. The most common solutions are checking for hydraulic oil levels and leaks in the oil sealants.

Nevertheless, there are a ton of things to know about these problems. We will cover the roots of these problems and then provide a solution to help you solve them by yourself.

Table: Troy Bilt Pony Transmission Problems And Solutions

Here’s a table of the most common problems you will come across with a Troy Bilt Pony along with the fixes. 

Gear Slipping Out Of PlaceReplace the loosened drive belts
Put the out-of-sheaf drive belts back in place
Rigid Gear AlteringFill up hydraulic fluid
Check for any leak sealants and replace
Tires Not MovingCalibrate the adjustment bolt
Decreased Performance From The EngineReplace the leaky sealants on the hydraulic cylinder

A Guide To Transmission Problems of Troy Bilt Pony And How To Fix Them

The most important factor when it comes to transmission is lubrication and cleanliness. If you keep the entire transmission system out of debris and lubricated, you will barely face these problems.

However, if you are here, you certainly are on transmission problems, so let’s check them out.

1. Gear Slipping Out Of Place

We are referring to the problem when you try to put your lawn mower on Neutral, but it’s still moving. Well, that’s when you know the gear is slipping and not want to be in the place you want it to be. 

Here, the loosened or out-of-sheaf drive belts are to blame. The drive belts are responsible for many things. Apart from everything, it is also responsible for running your transmission smoothly. 

Therefore, when loosened or out-of-sheaf, there isn’t sufficient friction that stops the gear from slipping.


The only solution here is to get the drive belts in place. It is located at the front of the engine of your Troy Bilt. If you come across an out-of-sheaf drive belt, simply place it on the sheaf. On the other hand, there’s no fix available for a loosened one. It just needs a replacement.

2. Rigid Gear Altering

If you have come across rigid gear altering, it’s certainly due to a lack of hydraulic oil. The Troy Bilt Pony runs on hydrostatic transmission. It means that the transmission of hydraulic fluid keeps it running smoothly. So any lack of it would lead to rough gear altering.


The solution for rigid gear altering has to be one of the simplest of all. Fill your hydraulic cylinder with more fluid and always keep an eye on the fluid level. Yet, if you find yourself refilling the hydraulic fluid more often than ever, do a leak check.

3. Tires Not Moving

You might come across a situation where the tires aren’t cooperating with the transmission lever. A great example here would be you put the lever into drive, but it’s still on neutral. As a result, the tires don’t move at all even when you try to accelerate. 

Well, the root of the problem here is the non-calibrated transmission lever. Thus, when you put it on drive mode, it stays neutral and vice versa. The transmission is just sending different signals to the engine which are not meant to be.


For people with no prior experience, it’s best if you take it to a professional and let them have a look. Here, the only fix is to calibrate the adjustment bolt in the transmission. It can get quite tricky for a beginner. 

Yet, if you think you can do it, this video will certainly help;

4. Decreased Performance From The Engine

If you ever get the feeling that the engine isn’t performing the same as before, a leaky transmission can be the case. When there’s a lack of greasing inside the transmission, all the parts inside it don’t operate normally. Due to this, you will also get delayed engagements with your lawn mower.

The lubrication is required to make all the parts inside run with the least friction possible. As a result, not only does it damages the transmission system, but the engine itself also can get damaged.


There’s a possibility of having leaky sealants on the hydraulic cylinder, which is why you are coming across low fluid levels every time. This also opens up the door for debris going into the cylinder and interrupting the fluid flow. 

As a result, you face decreased performance from the engine. Just change the seals that you find the most fluid across the outside.

Final Words

To conclude, the fixes aren’t that difficult when it comes to the transmission problems of Troy Bilt Pony. The most common thing that people come across is a leaky transmission system. Hydraulic fluids are essential to get the best out of a transmission system. 

Whereas, with a leaky one, not enough lubricant is there to fight the friction. Similarly, debris can get into the system making it interrupt the operations going inside. Lastly, if you face any trouble fixing it yourself, don’t hesitate to go to a professional.

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