Simplicity Mower Electrical Problems: Solutions Included!

Since 1922, the simplicity manufacturing company has been known for quality tractors. However, various problems are common in their tractors and mowers nowadays, specifically electrical issues.

So, what are these common Simplicity mower electrical problems? The mower not starting and the engine stopping while working are common Simplicity mower problems. Sometimes, the engine will lose power when the PTO switch is pulled.

There are also more problems with the Simplicity mowers. Read on to learn more about these issues and their solutions.

Common Simplicity Mower Electrical Problems and Solutions

Simplicity mowers, including zero turns and Broadmoor, have several reported electrical problems. The following table lists these problems along with their solutions.

The engine won’t startReplace the ignition switch and batteries 
Check and replace spark plugs
Check the kill switch and replace if damaged
Engine stops suddenlyCheck and replace wiring and replace a faulty fuse
Engine dies when PTO switch is pulledReplace any faulty coil wire diode and a faulty seat or parking brake switch
Solenoid ProblemsTest and replace a faulty solenoid

1. The engine won’t start

One of the problems reported with the simplicity mowers is the engine not starting. The issue is among the problematic ones, and the mower may take up to half an hour before it starts.

A faulty ignition switch is often the cause of most starting problems. However, a bad battery may also be the cause, as it’s unable to hold the charge needed to start the engine. Also, the problem might be on other parts, like the spark plug.


Check the possible causes of a mower not starting and try the following solutions.

  • Test and replace the battery with a new one
  • Replace the ignition switch, a process you can do by yourself or get a professional
  • Replace the spark plug

You can expect to pay between $100 and $300 to solve this problem, with replacing the ignition costing the most. 

2. Engine Stopping

Another common problem with the Simplicity mowers is the engine stopping mid-work. 

A fuse or circuit breaker might be causing a sudden loss of power and be the cause. Use a 12-volt test light or a DMM on a resistant setting to investigate to check for low resistance.


After investigating the problem, some of the solutions you can try include

  • Replace the wiring tripping the circuit breaker
  • Replace the circuit breaker or fuse if they’re faulty

Troubleshooting this problem is time-consuming and can cost around $50 and $150 to fix.

3. Engine Dies When PTO Switch Button Is Pulled

Another user complained that the engine would stop only when the PTO switch is pulled. This problem strongly suggests a problem with the PTO switch.

A faulty diode on the coil wire, solenoid, and battery is also a possible cause of the issue. Also, the seat switch, a safety feature on most mowers, and the parking brake switch might be behind the problem as well.


Since there is more than one possible cause, troubleshoot each part that is likely failing.

  • Use OHM Meter to check the diode on the coil wire; replace it if there’s no power
  • Replace the PTO switch
  • Check and fix a faulty parking brake or seat switch

Depending on the problem, you can expect to spend at least $100 to fix this issue with the PTO causing the engine to stop.

4. Solenoid Problems

A solenoid converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. Simplicity mowers use a starter solenoid which sometimes develops problems. Some cause of the solenoid problems is incorrect voltage, rusting, and power failure.

With the Solenoid problems, the mower may have issues starting the mower, and the battery may be affected negatively. To test and fix the solenoid, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Locate the starter, which is mostly under the front cover hood

Step 2: Disconnect red, positive cables attached to the solenoid

Step 3: Using a multimeter and with the engine on, test the solenoid, and if it reads zero, it’s faulty

Step 4: To remove the faulty solenoid, disconnect the battery, clip wires, unscrew mounting bolts, then remove the solenoid

A new solenoid should cost you between $10 and $30 to buy. Reinstall the new solenoid by following the instructions above or the user manual. 

Final Words

The electric system is crucial in any vehicle as it provides various parts with the power they need to run. Simplicity mowers are some of these vehicles that require electrical power for their operations.

However, the electrical problems discussed in the article are common in the various simplicity mowers. Troubleshoot the issues to learn the cause of the problem and use the provided solutions. If you’re uncomfortable testing or fixing the problems, you can always hire a trusted mechanic.

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