John Deere X495 Problems

5 Common John Deere X495 Problems [With Solutions]

The John Deere X495 mower has outstanding performance in mowing and pulling and is very reliable. However, users have complained of various problems with this.

So, what are the common John Deere X495 problems? Overheating, engine problems, and starter not working are among the frequently reported John Deere X495 mower problems. Also, PTO malfunctions are common, costing owners thousands of dollars in repair.

Keep reading for the list of the most common problems in detail, along with their solutions.

Common John Deere X495 Problems

The following table contains a summary of common John Deere X495 problems and their solutions.

OverheatingBlow the radiator, Check and fix clogged cooling fins
Engine Long starting/ Not StartingClean or change the fuel filter, replace faulty spark plugs, and change low-quality fuel
Starter Not WorkingCheck and change the starter fuse, battery, and replace any damaged wires
PTO problemsCheck and replace the PTO clutch, clean the backup switch, and check for a loose connection in the module
Excess VibrationsReplace damaged belts and damaged blades, and clean drive sheaves

Following are the problems discussed in detail with their possible solutions. This will help you to understand the issues quickly and will give you an idea about what to do. 

1. Overheating

Overheating is among the most frequent problems with most utility vehicles and tractors. The John Deere X495 is known to overheat when working, and the temperature would quickly rise to red.

Sometimes the problem is caused by overworking the engine. Also, you might have used incorrect engine oil.


  • An easy solution is to reduce engine load and let it cool as soon as it overheats. 
  • Also, clean the cooling fins and the radiator as regularly as possible to ensure enough airflow.
  • If you suspect oil is the problem, change it and use the recommended type. Using too much or little engine oil is also known to cause issues, and you should add the right amount.

2. Engine Problems

Most engine problems in JD tractors are related to the fuel system. Either the lines are dirty, or the filter or injector is clogged. Besides, it could be due to faulty electrical connections, spark plugs, or starters. 

Engine problems are symptomized by the engine not starting or taking time before starting are other reported problems with the X495 mower. The driver may have to attempt several times before the engine starts, and sometimes it doesn’t.


The best way to troubleshoot and fix the engine problems is by checking the electricals first. For the engine not starting, check and replace the spark plug and any defective parts on the starter. If there are faulty wires, replace them with new ones.

Other solutions include cleaning dirty fuel lines and fuel filters or changing them. Inspect and clean fuel injectors and fuel injector pumps. Poor fuel quality can also be the cause, and you should refill the tractor with fresh fuel before use.

3. Starter Not Working

The starter not working problem is often treated the same as the engine not starting issue. However, the starter problem is more related to the electrical system malfunctions.

The starter may not work because of a blown main fuse or a loose connection in the battery. The battery may also be low on power and have defective cells. However, the starter might be damaged causing the issues.


Changing the battery almost always works to solve most starter problems. However, cleaning corroded battery contacts and cables also works.

If the starter is damaged, you can repair or replace it. A new starter can cost between $110 and $400 to buy.

4. PTO Problems

The PTO, also called power take-off, provides power to the attached power equipment. Among the reported problems is the PTO failing to start or cutting in the middle of work, and the user must try 8 or 10 times to get it to engage. If the problem remains unsolved, the PTO may stop working.

The reason for the problem is a fault is the PTO itself malfunctioning. Also the wires in the solenoid may be broken causing problems.

The RIO cut out is also known to cause the problem. The switch would sometimes cause the PTO not to kick in, thinking that the tractor is on reverse.


  • One of the quickest solutions to PTO problems is to check and repair the PTO.
  • If the solenoid is the problem, replace it with a new one.
  • Bypassing the RIO cut-out switch also solves the problem. 

5. Excessive Vibrations

While tractors are known to vibrate more, the John Deere X495 may vibrate excessively. The vibrations are sometimes too much and interfere with driving and working.

Some common reasons are worn-out or damaged attachment belts. A loose, bent, or unbalanced deck blade may also be causing excessive vibrations. The traction drive belt, which provides power to run the wheels, may also be worn out.


  • Check and replace the worn-out attachment-driven belt if it is the cause of the vibration. 
  • Also, check for any bent or imbalanced blades and balance them accordingly.
  • Dirty drive sheaves may also cause vibrations in the JD x495. Clean them if you point them as the cause of the problems.

Final Words

Despite the problems with the John Deere X495, the tractor is among the reliable ones in mowing and other garden works. Between 2002 and 2005, its manufacturing years, it was rated among the best-performing gardening tractors.

Of the problems in the list, the PTO problem is the most common to this tractor and other JD tractors. However, with a user manual and following our guides, you can repair most issues in the list without the help of a professional. In serious cases, take professional help if you can’t handle the issues.

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